Ozark Mountain Music Festival (OzMoMu20) Celebrates Seventh Year: January 16-19, 2020

Ozark Mountain Music Festival (OzMoMu20) Celebrates

 Seventh Year: January 16-19, 2020  



(EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS) — The 2020 Ozark Mountain Music Festival, better known as OzMo

Mu20, will return January 16-20 to Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  This five-day/four-night winter festival is best known for its upbeat and infectious Americana Roots music and laid-back vibe. OzMoMu20 will again be held inside the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, often spilling out of the hotel into the Eureka Springs Entertainment District. Nightly headliners for this year’s event include Arkansauce on Thursday, Wood & Wire on Friday, and both The HillBenders and Dirtfoot on Saturday.



Here is synopsis of the OzMoMu20 schedule:

Thursday January 16

The “Thursday Kickoff Show” starts at 8:00 p.m. with Brian Martin and continues at 10:00 p.m. with Arkansauce, a headliner very familiar to the surrounding five-state area.  Arkansauce is a genre-hopping, four-piece string band from Northwest Arkansas, bending the rules and blurring the lines between bluegrass, newgrass, folk, americana, country, blues, and funk. With a loyal following in “The Natural State” and all along their tour routes, the band is proud to step into a hard-driving sound unique to this Arkansas quartet.  An Arkansauce show is riddled with improvisational guitar, banjo, and mandolin leads, paired with powerful harmonies and heart-felt songwriting, all held together by deep foot-stompin’ bass grooves.

Friday January 17

Friday music begins at 6:00 p.m. with the likes of Brad Fielder and Red Oak Ruse, with the most anticipated act of this year’s festival, Wood & Wire, taking the Stage at 10:00 p.m.

Wood & Wire lives the mantra “This isn’t a land made for quiet reflection, it’s a land made for hard work.”  Wood & Wire, from Austin, Texas, shows respect for honest labor by honing a central theme as recorded in their 2018 “Best Bluegrass” GRAMMY-nominated album, North of Despair.  The album features songs populated by people like songwriter Tony Kamel’s own grandfather, who built the family’s hunting lodge. This kind of vivid, haunting songwriting focused on lives spent deep in the countryside is a hallmark of Texas songwriting.  It is, however, the melding of this hard-country songwriting with high-octane bluegrass instrumentation that makes for Wood & Wire’s signature sound.

Saturday January 18

After a raucus Friday night, there is no recovery time at OzMoMu20 as the music kicks up again at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and continues throughout the night.  With afternoon acts such as Chucky Waggs, Damn Neighbors, and The Haymakers, the stage will be set for the Saturday night headliners beginning at 8 o’clock.   OzMoMu20 nighttime festival goers should prepare for the energy of The HillBenders, followed by a dose of “gypsy punk country grumble boogie” from Dirtfoot.

The HillBenders were formed in April of 2008, and are still touring with the original lineup that is  widely touted as one of the most energetic and engaging progressive acoustic bands on the scene.  Of late, The HillBenders have shifted their focus back onto their original songs and have released their fourth studio album, appropriately and eponymously titled The HillBenders.

Dirtfoot has been spreading their infectious grooves and their unique sound for the past 10 years. Crowds come to take part in the fun and chaos, hollering to all the calls and responses, shaking their beancans, and getting down with the infectious grooves.  Led by Matt & J, Dirtfoot is a blend of eclectic styles as well as diverse personalities.  The popular group features instruments ranging from guitar, banjo, trombone, upright bass, drums, percussion and more, producing a truly unique yet familiar sound. One writer states, “Dirtfoot’s sound is like a blue ribbon gumbo.  You have some growling vocals, heavy bass and percussion that makes a good, dark-n-dirty Louisiana roux.  Mix heartily with some meaty rhythms. Combine liberally with fresh offerings from the guitar and banjo that are like okra and tomatoes picked from your backyard garden.  Top with the hot-n-sexy spice of trombone and lead guitar.  Finally, throw in a little something magical and indescribable and you have Dirtfoot: a delicious, spicy, dirty band that will make you stomp your feet, shake your ass.”

The full schedule, with times and performers, is as follows:

Thursday, January 16th

8 p.m.-Brian Martin- Central, AR

10 p.m.-Arkansauce- Fayetteville, AR

Friday, January 17th

6 p.m.-Brad Fielder -Norman, OK

8 p.m.-Red Oak Ruse- Eureka Springs, AR

10 p.m.-Wood & Wire –Austin, TX

Saturday, January 18th

1 p.m.-Folk Fest Singer Song Writer Contest Winner

2 p.m.-Chucky Waggs- Eureka Springs, AR

4 p.m.-The Damn Neighbors- Fayetteville, AR

6 p.m.-The Haymakers- Lawrence, KS

8 p.m.-The Hillbenders- Springfield, MO

10 p.m.-Dirtfoot- Laffeyette, LA

Sunday, January 19th

12 noon-Brick Fields- Fayetteville


“With no backstage area, festival attendees and band performers are all together in the same, intimate space.  It is this hanging out with the bands that makes OzMoMu so unique,” stated Mary Howze, festival coordinator, “and OzMoMu20 will live up to that rep.”

For more information including tickets, go to OzarkMountainMusicFestival.com.


For more information, contact:

Ms. Mary Howze, Festival Coordinator

Ozark Mountain Music Festival

(479) 363-6327