A Eureka Springs September Getaway & Upcoming Events

School is back in but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the end of summer fun and weather!  A big parimagest of the Eureka Springs getaway are the roads and pass that brings you here.  Set in the heart of Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is a Mountaintop Spa Destination preserved from 4 lane highway development by winding roads and scenic vistas.   Here is what you can enjoy and experience in September: 

Outdoor Fun

Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Ziplining, Horseback Riding, Swimming and Boating all can be accessed in and around Eureka Springs.  Click here to learn more.

Live Theater & Ghosts HuntingPhoto by Purdy Art Co.

Are you a thrill seeker, want to be spooked? Experience nightly ghost tours at the historic Crescent or Basin Park Hotels, listen to Ozark Mountain Ghost Stories told around a campfire, or be amazed by the wonders of Illusion at Intrigue Theater.

Historic Tours

One of the best ways to learn about Eureka Springs is visiting our Historical Museum right along Main St. in the downtown area or see it for yourself by taking a Eureka Springs Van Tour, Downtown Walking Tours, Tram or Trolley Tours.  Into nature and beauty, visit one of our many Natural Springs, by driving or walking along Spring St. where many are located in our historic downtown area.

Eureka Springs Attractionsfeeding_0045

Of course there is always something for everyone to do and enjoy in Eureka Springs.  Learn of our many year round attractions, click hereBUY your Attractions Tickets ALL in one place, click here.


Upcoming Events in Eureka Springs, AR for September:

Crescent Classic Rally: 9/4-9/8   photo

Antique Automobile Festival: 9/6-9/8  Hundreds of vintage classics compete for prizes and trophies.  Parade on Saturday, 9/7 at 11am with the 1922 Bank Robbery Re-enactment directly after the parade.

Woodcarvers Jamboree: 9/8-9/9 at Pine Mountain Village from 10am-5pm.  Demonstrations of woodworking craft, items for sale, and peoples choice for best of show.

Scooting the Ozarks: 9/11-9/14 This event is open to all scooter riders, from mopeds to maxi’s and two strokes to four strokes.  

Jazz Weekend: 9/13-9/15 free music in basin spring park each afternoon from noon until 6pm and a Jazz fusion band Spyro Gyra performs live in the Auditorium on Saturday at 7:30pm.

 Bikes Blues & BBQ: 9/20-9/22  Bikes, Blues, & BBQ is the nation’s largest charitable motorcycle rally located in Fayetteville, Ar.  Many bikers and motorcycle Photo by Purdy Art Co.enthusiasts travel up to Eureka Springs, 45 min away, to enjoy the open road and the downtown atmosphere during the event weekend.

 FUN After 5 in Basin Park-9/27  FREE event in Basin Spring Park from 5pm-7pm. 

Eurekapalooza: 9/28 Outdoor Festival at Lake Leatherwood City Park.  This family-friendly event features 2 stages of non-stop entertainment, an exciting Kid Zone, great food, vendors, and games in the beautiful setting of Lake Leatherwood City Park. Proceeds benefit Clear Spring School.

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Las Vegas Magic Weekend in Eureka Springs

July 27th & 28th
INTRIGUE THEATER of Eureka Springs, collaborates with Las Vegas master magician and teacher Jeff McBride to bring the closest thing there is to Harry P1069849_606577232710560_1021536034_notter’s Hogwarts to Eureka Springs. McBride will perform his Many Faces of Magic Show for the general public, followed by a special lecture “For Magicians Only,” on July 28th.

Call for tickets: 855-446-8744  See Full Schedule, click here.

Watch the Video, click here:


Mothers Day Brunch in Eureka Springs

Mothers Day Brunch

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

9am to 3pm

Reservations Required 479-253-9652


  • Moms Pot Roast
  • Moms Chicken Pot Pie
  • Moms Pork Loin
  • Truffled Mac & Cheese
  • Chef choice of Hot Vegetables

Carving Station

Slow Roasted Prime Rib

Breakfast Items

Biscuits & Gravy

Eggs Crescent Casserole

Sausage Links


Peel & Eat Shrimp

Smoked Salmon Display

Chef Sandy’s Salads/Cheeses

Steakhouse Salad –Fresh Caesar Salad

Fresh Fruit

Beautiful Display of Cheeses to accompany your meal


  • Chocolate Fountain with fruit & other goodies to satisfy that sweet tooth.
  • Ice Cream Sundae Station
  • Cobblers
  • Assorted tasty treats

Champagne served all day to celebrate Mom!!!

Adults $27.95

Children 5 to 12 years of age $10.00

Children younger that 5 years of age are free!

This menu is subject to change based on item availability

Gratuity Policy and other items of Note:

Please take a moment to read as these standards apply regardless.

Tables of 6 or more (this includes children ages 5 and up) will automatically have an 18% Gratuity added to the Check. Tables requiring Split Checks will automatically receive a Gratuity of 20%. Tables using Coupons or Vouchers are subject to an 18% Gratuity based on the Total Dollar amount of the ticket before applying the voucher or coupon. . Remaining balances on Vouchers or Coupons do not apply towards the server for their Gratuity. For the comfort and safety of all our guests we respectfully require all children remain in their seats and maintain a quite demeanor.

In order for us to allow everyone an opportunity to join us we ask that once seated with your first plate that you allow no longer than 1 ½ hours to dine

Reservations larger that 8 (including children) will be set at separate tables in the same area; this is to ensure that we have every table available for all those that wish to dine with us.

The Crystal Dining Room is a “unplug and relax “CELL PHONE FREE” dining environment. Please set your phones on vibrate. If you need to take a call or make a call-we ask that you step into our Lobby.



Eureka Springs-A Creative Idea for the Girls!

When venturing to Eureka Springs with your girlfriends for a getaway or a bachelorette party, make sure to stop in to Crescent Moon Beads store.  The store has it all from beads, stones, wire, glass, and much more! Whether you are a beginner or have tackled the art of jewelry making you will not be let down after a visit.  A few of us from work decided to head down there and see what we could create.  Most of us had no clue what we had in mind but when you walk in and see all the options you have to work with,  you easily get inspired!

My eyes instantly went to this thick wire with bright colors and I decided this is the piece I want to wear in the Artrageous Parade in Downtown Eureka Springs.  The other ladies shopped around for awhile deciding what they wanted to create, in the end we all ended up making something a little different from each other.

The owner, Joanna Hanna, is amazing! Super kind, patient, and willing to help you work on anything.  Oh and her music selection is awesome!   Another bonus, if you know ahead of time how many girls you are bringing she will open up her shop in the evening just for your friends!   We got to enjoy an evening all together, sipping wine, and making fun jewelry for ourselves!  Check out more fun things to do and shopping in Downtown Eureka Springs.

The ladies picking out the stones and beads.

Love the various hues of colors.   The crazy wire wrap bracelet is a fun way to put a lot of different beads for one piece.

My headpiece I created to wear in the parade.

Joanna Hanna, The Owner!

Don’t miss checking out Joanna’s Outdoor “Portal” in the back of her shop!

What Goes “Zip!”, “Wow!”,” Ooo!”, “Roar!” and “Splash!”?

What Goes “Zip!”, “Wow!”,” Ooo!”, “Roar!” and “Splash!”?

A Eureka Springs Summer Vacation

A family summer vacation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, can be historical and hysterically fun thanks to some new attractions and some legendary ones with a new twist.


(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — What do “ZZZZZip!”, “Wow!”,”Ooo-OO-oo-oo!”, “Roar!”and “Splash!” all have in common?  They are all the sounds of a 2013 family vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This year families can enjoy the new Ozark Mountain Ziplines, Intrigue Theater, ghost tours and tales of the macabre at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, 34 new big cats at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and all the nuances of Beaver Lake’s Starkey Marina.  These are in addition to the dozens of other family-friendly venues and events located in and happening around this Arkansas Ozark Victorian village.

“It seems as though in years past the age of the average vacationing visitor has been creeping up,” said Bill Ott, past chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, “but with the addition of some new attractions and classic attractions being rediscovered, the age has been coming down and this year should see a huge jump.  Moms and dads, as well as grandparents, are loading up the kids of all ages -even those sophisticated older teens- and everyone is having a wonderful vacation in a destination known as ‘The Extraordinary Escape’.”

When the question is inevitably asked, “What’s there to do in Eureka Springs, especially for kids and families?” it can now be answered quite easily and enthusiastically.  Heading that list for 2013 is the new Ozark Mountain Ziplines (OMZ).  This popular, nationwide craze, which originated in Costa Rica, has never seen a better setting than the Arkansas Ozarks in and around Eureka Springs.  OMZ allows guests -ages three to 83- to soar more than 200 feet high over vast, gorgeous, beautiful hardwood trees and limestone cliffs with cable lengths up to 1,800 feet, the length of six football fields.

“I could not believe the thrill,” said one recent patron.  “It was like flying.  The best part about it was that my entire party and I felt super-safe in every phase of the adventure.  There’s minimal hiking from one point to the next and an air-conditioned van took us back up the mountainside.  Whoever said man cannot fly never took a ride on a zipline like the ones they have in Eureka Springs.”

Another relatively new attraction is Intrigue Theater.  Set in a eerie and intimate redeveloped Victorian church, this show takes audience members on a magical, humorous, and mind-blowing venture into the world of telepathy.

“My family and I were not only amazed, they were thrilled about being so close to such a high level of talent,” said one father as he exited the theatre following a performance.  The talent about which he spoke are noted illusionist and medium, Sean Paul, and his lovely assistant, Juliane,

The couple weaves an accompanying tale of intrigue as the unexplainable happens right before your eyes,” added the father.  “It was so entrancing, my teenage girls actually put down their smart phones and stopped texting.  Both the monkey and I approved of that.”

Sean Paul explained, “We place the audience into a time-capsule of the mind.  In doing so, members of the audience actually become part of our unfolding, mystical tales, magical demonstrations and introductions to special guests from ‘the other side’.  We even ask one member of the audience to come up on stage and, while under hypnosis, will have that volunteer regress back to a previous life only to return with physical proof of having crossed over.”

And speaking of “the other side”, no building is more famous for their “guests who check out but never leave” than the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa.  Well-respected as a mountaintop spa resort and wedding destination, this Historic Hotel of America takes guests on a hotel ghost tour every night giving them the chance to perhaps meet apparitions like Michael, Theodora, or the Lady In The Mist.

Recognized by many as America’s most haunted hotel, the Crescent has added a late-night nuance to their presentation of the paranormal.  “Flickering Tales” has guests, especially teens, sitting around an open campfire -in chairs- and being introduced to regional ghost stories almost lost to history.  These macabre stories are theatrically spun by noted international thespian, Keith Scales.  Once the hair is suitably standing up on the back of patrons’ necks, Scales leads them into a special trip to the hotel’s infamous “morgue” as the grand finale.

One of the biggest guesses at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) is wondering just how many big cats do they take care of at this 450-acre ranch located just a few minutes from downtown Eureka Springs.  But guests should never be too quick to hit the total button because it seems the folks at TCWR are adding to the number of abused, abandoned and neglected lions and tigers (and a bear) all the time.

Most recently, TCWR rescued nearly three-dozen big cats from a nearby county where they were being inadequately housed and cared for by a lady, due to her age and health condition, who could no longer give the animals proper care.  With this transition in its final stages, guests can meet the latest “cool cats” at this magnificent and breathtaking refuge that now houses nearly 150 animals including 138 big cats including mountain lions, cougars, panthers, bobcats, oh… and a bear.

On one of America’s most popular U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ lakes, Beaver Lake, sits Starkey Marina, located just west of Eureka Springs.  This floating cavalcade of watercrafts is the lake’s most popular stop for those who like to play on the water.  They will surely secure that standing in 2013 as they open a small, new restaurant as well as vastly increasing the number of personal watercrafts, pontoon and fishing boats to their fleet.  All the proper and required accoutrements are also available at Starkey ensuring your exploration of this clear blue 28,370-acre lake with its 480 miles of shoreline will create the finest in “memory chips”.

More information about these and all of Eureka Springs’ family-style attractions can be found at EurekaSpringsOnline.com as well as lodging-attractions packages and hot deals.  To avoid standing in line, attraction tickets may be purchased in advanced at ReserveEureka.com.

Cabin Fever? Spring Break is just around the corner

Cabin Fever? Spring Break is just around the corner in Eureka Springs, AR.

As Spring Break approaches, a variety of travelers -moms wanting to bond with their daughters, couples looking for a romantic escape, ladies dying for a post-winter girlfriend spa getaway, and grandparents looking for an interesting and safe place to take the grandkids while school’s out- will once again be pointing their mouse to Eureka Springs online as they begin planning for that special March diversion.  This quaint Victorian village of 2,000 tucked away in The Arkansas Ozarks has played host in March to many suffering from “cabin fever” or simply looking for an relaxing respite from the ordinary, everyday rote and regimen.

“Research shows there are five major reasons why people visit Eureka Springs during spring break,” stated Bill Ott, director of marketing for two of the town’s historic hotels, “Those reasons are as follows: not too far away, one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations, variety of things to see and do, a village you can call your own, and Eureka Springs has a very favorable cost-to-value ratio.”

Not Too Far Away – For those who live within the ellipse formed roughly by connecting the metropolitan areas of Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Wichita they are at the most a little more than a five-hour drive from Eureka Springs.  Much of this sojourn from all of these cities is along scenic highways.

One of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations – For those planning a Spring Break getaway but are not familiar with Eureka Springs, take heart.  The National Trust for Historic Preservation is quite familiar with it.  In fact, the NTHP describes it as “an appealingly unconventional Victorian village tucked in the hills of Northwest Arkansas, surrounded by miles of lakes and rivers.  In the 1850s, its early visitors were attracted to the magical waters of its miraculous ‘Great Healing Spring’.  Today, tourists come to enjoy its downtown Historic District, thriving community of artists and writers, and independent Ozark Mountain spirit.”  In fact, the entire town of Eureka Springs is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.”

Variety of Things to See and Do – In addition to the inherent cultural and enchanting heritage aspects of this “hidden village”, Eureka Springs offers Spring Break-ers a plethora of other activities and attractions.  “Ladies coming in March for girlfriend getaways or as a mother-daughter duo, seem to gravitate to the numerous spas in the area, as do romantic couples wanting that added intimate ‘memory chip’ of a duet massage,” said Ott.  “Surrounding spa treatments, ladies find the unique, non-chain store shopping exciting and rewarding.”  All of this frenetic and fun activity creates a hunger that the numerous quality, locally owned restaurants and eateries can easily sate.  “When it comes to adults with kids during Spring Break such uncommon attractions as hotel ghost tours, a trip to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, a peek at Eureka’s ‘underground’, and hiking the urban trails of a city that time forgot -to name just a few- will fill a Pinterest page and require the telling of tall tales once home as an expanded follow up to Twitter tweets.”

A Village You Can Call Your Own – Visitors say one of the most alluring qualities of Eureka Springs is that, due to its size, the community seems like it is an escape that is all their own, Ott explained.  “Eureka Springs is not like a Times-Square, frenetic and always packed with people.  To the contrary, Eureka’s smaller size and slower pace makes each little discovery -a hidden staircase, an eclectic shop, a restaurant with that one-of-a-kind dish, a never-felt-before massage technique, and so on- seem like a first-time find.  Those type of ‘eureka’ moments enhances their experience, transforming a simple vacation into an explorer’s escape.”  As anyone can see, especially during Spring Break, this exploration is enjoyed by visitors of all ages.  Kids love to wind their way through downtown with its century-old buildings.  Then, in just a few steps, they can go from urban to natural, forested hillsides complete with limestone bluffs and hiking trails.  Parents love it for their kids because both feel safe here; not something you can say about many popular Spring Break destinations,” Ott added.

Very Favorable Cost-to-Value Ratio – In this day and age of economic uncertainty, one thing is certain: Eureka Springs is an affordable destination. Room rates are unbelievably “pocketbook friendly” and many hotels and bed-and-breakfasts package lodging with attraction tickets, spa treatments and dining discounts.  These added-value packages allow visitors to better budget their Spring Break getaway.

Ott concluded, “You know winter is a memory when our hillsides are abloom with daffodils and jonquils and our sidewalks, shops, spas and restaurants are in blossom with the smiles of those who have discovered Eureka Springs again for what feels like the first time.  It’s an escape worth repeating,

For more information on Eureka Springs’ lodging, attractions, spas, restaurants, shopping and special Spring Break packages, one should go to eurekaspringsonline.com .

Winter Spa Escape

In Winter, Couples Choose Eureka Springs’ “Spa-scape”

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — Couples often slip off on a getaway to discover new things about a destination.  The primary nuance that couples seem to discover -or rediscover- in Eureka Springs, a 19th century village situated among the folds of the Arkansas Ozarks, during the winter is an indoor activity of extreme indulgence.  For when the cold winds blow, most couples escape to this extraordinary destination primarily for one three-letter word, spa.

Savvy winter travelers find that a “spa-scape” to Eureka Springs, one of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations, during these months offer very attractively priced packages.  Packages that not only include lodging but the ultimate pampering services such as hot stone massages; duet massages; facials; and full body wraps that warm the body, mind and spirit.  Many add salon treatments to the regimen in order that their New Year’s “new look” resolution can become a reality.

There are more than a dozen professionally-operated Spa Facilities in Eureka Springs offering such unique services as aromatherapy, body scrubs, facials, manicures, pedicures, self-heating mud treatments, plus the most popular Swedish and deep-tissue massages.

Two new attractions that were added last winter for a Eureka Springs’ spa-scape” are the new Arkansas Art Trail and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art located 45 minutes west of Eureka Springs.  Crystal Bridges, founded by Alice Walton, is said to be the world’s finest collection of American art.

“With the advent of Crystal Bridges there grew an overwhelming interest in art in the northwest corner of our state,” said Bill Ott director of communications for two of Eureka Springs’ historic hotels, the 1886 Crescent and the 1905 Basin Park.  “The Arkansas Art Trail links created art, as displayed at Crystal Bridges; art being created, as in the dozens of living galleries in Eureka Springs; and breathtaking natural sights and vistas that provide the inspiration of great art throughout The Ozarks and along such area rivers as Buffalo National River Park.

The modern architectural design of Crystal Bridges is contrasted by those nineteenth century limestone structures that line the streets of Downtown Eureka Springs.  Downtown’s easy to moderate trails transport visitors from commercial to urban with its Victorian homes to pristine with all The Ozarks has to offer in just a very few steps.

Those interested in the natural and historic travel, to the west less than an hour for visits to Hobbs State Park Conservation Area with its Pigeon Roost Trail; War Eagle Mill, a working water-driven gristmill; and two “must see” sesquicentennial Civil War sites, Pea Ridge National Military Park and Prairie Grove State Park.

Just to the southwest is one of the most predictable places in Arkansas to see elk, Boxley Valley.  And during the cool time of the year, they can be seen grazing just about all day in fields adjacent to the state highway that has plenty of places to safely pull over and “set a spell”.  The adjacent Upper District of the Buffalo River National Park is a great place to look up and see majestic bald eagles this time of year.  Tours are also available on Beaver Lake to watch the Eagles.

Eclectic shopping, one of Eureka Springs’ hallmark activities, is still viable during the winter with many shops offering great post-holiday bargains.  Restaurants of note also open their doors to wintertime guests for a relaxing gourmet sojourn.  Nightspots offer live music, adult beverages and great opportunities for dancing like “the stars”.  Historical museums and unique attractions like Turpentine Creek, a refuge for lions, tigers and other big cats, welcome visitors for a more relaxed viewing.

For those opting for a fly-drive adventure, two airports serve Eureka Springs.  Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) is 50 miles to the west while the new Branson Airport (BKG) is that same distance to the northeast.  The major rental car companies serve both.

“Many already know that Eureka Springs is alive and well during the winter months and visit annually,” concluded Ott, “yet we still have a few spa appointments still open just in case anyone new would like to come and join us for a supremely relaxing ‘spa-scape’.  It’s a great way for the two of you to start the new year.”

For more information, one should go to eurekaspringsonline.com.

In the middle of winter also is a flurry of special activities and events to keep visitors entertained and enchanted:

EUREKA GRAS “A Mardi Gras Extravaganza” — Now in its seventh year, the 2013 version of this community-wide festival crescendos February 7th-12th with such activities as Hookers and Jokers Ball, Coronation Royalty BalljMardi Gras Daytime Parade, Krazo (Ozark spelled backwards) Costume Contest, Beaux Arts Masquerade Ball, and New Orleans-style Jazz Brunch.  And in those moments between scheduled events, fun ensues with impromptu celebrations breaking out all over town during this “laissez les bon temps rouler” celebration week.

VALENTINE’S WEEK — One day is not enough time for celebrating love in the “Wedding Capital of The South”.  From February 14-16, hotels, chapels, restaurants and the courthouse are abuzz with couples who want to get married, are married, or those who are just in love.  Eureka Springs has no waiting period for those who want to get married on the spur of the moment.  All that is needed is a marriage license obtained during the day at Carroll County Western District Courthouse; just add a minister.

CHOCOLATE LOVERS’ FESTIVAL — As part of Eureka Springs’ salute to those who love their sweetie comes an event for those who love sweets of the chocolate variety.  This festival, held this year in the Eureka Springs Convention Center on February 9, is in its ninth year and is designed to satisfy even the strongest sweet-tooth.

March FUN Begins in Eureka Springs

Plan your Spring Vacation to Eureka Springs this March-The FUN Starts HERE!

March 15thCocktails for a Cause at the Voulez Vous Lounge

Supporting the Good Shepherd Humane Society & Eureka Springs Downtown Network
$10 Cover Charge + $1 for Every Drink Sold Donated to Both Nonprofits.  Come out and make a difference to our local nonprofits while having a great time! 5pm-7pm

March 16th-18thSpring Antique Show at the Inn of the Ozarks

16th Annual Spring Antique Show & Sale
Saturday and Sunday March 17 & 18 2012
Regular admission $5.00 good both days.  Contact Jane Baker for more info at 479.253.7551.
*Preview Showing/Wine & Cheese Friday, March 16, 5:30 – 7:00 – $10

March 17th-St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Get your Green On this Saturday along Spring St.  Parade begins at 2pm.

March 17th- Downtown TOURS Start for the Season!

Hell Raisers, Hoodlums & a Heated History Walking Tour-10am EVERYDAY at Basin Spring Park.

Many a character have enhanced the Eureka Springs landscape and this 45 minute walking tour tells you all about them! We bring out the “Stars” of the town over time, share the strange happenings, and clue you into the legends that we live with.

Downtown -N- Underground Tour-4pm EVERYDAY at Basin  Spring Park

The Behind the Scenes walking adventure offers visitors a unique 75 minute opportunity to enjoy stories of Eureka Springs’ Wild West Period, its renewal as an artist community and to explore the mysteries of a underground city. Explore the Downtown in Eureka Springs in a new and exciting way. The history and the colorful characters who have made Eureka Springs their home throughout the ages come alive through interactive storytelling.

March 17th-The Magic is BACK!

Intrigue Theater at the Auditorium

Intrigue holds Ghostly Seance Experiments and explores “unlocking the subconscious.”
The show takes place at the Eureka Springs City Auditorium. Call 479.253.7333 for tickets and information.

March 17th-31st FREE Spring Break Activities

A great place to be a kid again! Starting March 19th through the 31st come play with the whole family in Eureka Springs. Games and free fun for all ages – every single day! We have turned Eureka Springs into your playground!  Meet in Basin Spring Park.

March 24th -Kite Festival at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge

The 22nd annual Eureka Springs Kite Festival, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m, theme this year is: The “Art With An Altitude,”

Admission to the kite festival is free. Regular admission prices apply for those wishing to tour the refuge. The annual event is one of the refuge’s most attended days of the year. Proceeds help finance the rescue of and sanctuary for the tigers, lions, cougars, leopards and other animals housed there. Call 479-253-5841 for more information.

March 31st-“The Art of Chipping Flint” at  Blue Spring Heritage Center

Blue Spring Heritage Center CELEBRATES Arkansas Archaeology Month

On March 31st Blue Spring will host Aaron Wagoman, a local fintknapper from Bentonville Arkansas in the Bluff Shelter from 11am-2pm.  Aaron will be demonstrating the art of chipping flint rock into arrowheads and prehistoric tools just as the paleoindians who once inhabited the bluff shelter.  Call 479-253-9244 for more information.

Check out the HOT DEALS and Plan Your Spring Vacation to Eureka Springs!

Spring Break Getaway in Eureka Springs


When we started planning for when the kids are gonna be out of school for spring break, Jane and I realized that both time and money were limited.  So we looked for a place that could offer a lot to do in a small area.  A place where there are fun activities that don’t cost a lot and a safe place for our kids to get out and explore on their own.  And since special family time is so limited these days, we wanted a place that has a proven track record of creating lifetime memories.  We wanted a family spring break that our kids might enjoy so much they would want to share it with their kids and grandkids.  Well, after a lot of research of <eurekasprings> on-line, we chose the historic Victorian village in the Arkansas Ozarks that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has named one of America’s Distinctive Destinations.

There the kids can have what they call an “exploravacation”, a time when they can go off on their own and explore the historic downtown district of Eureka Springs (making sure that they travel in pairs and carry their cell phones checking in every so often).

The kids were excited about getting to “discover” Eureka Spring’s crazy staircases, unique stories, interesting looking buildings feeling like they were on an adventure akin to a fun 19th century scavenger hunt.  (Jane and I quietly agreed that this would be much more appealing than filling spring break hours with just dropping the kids off at the mall!)

To give the kids a sense of what “discoveries” are out there, we found several walking tours like the Downtown-N-Underground Tour that traces the town’s history from its beginnings through the Civil War era, the days of Wild West outlaws, right on up to today.  The downtown’s history museum, Eureka Springs Historical Museum (hope that “m” word doesn’t scare the kids!), offers numerous maps of hidden walkways and trails of “a city that time forgot”.

Mountain resort city parks abound in Eureka Springs. The largest is the 85-acre municipal playground called Lake Leatherwood.  It has 40 miles of trails for hiking and biking.  (Guess we’d better load up the bikes!) If exploring a cave is your thing, there are lotsa caves in the area too.

A couple things that caught our eye (and should supply great photo opps) are Turpentine Creek, a refuge for wildlife and the largest collection of lions and tigers and bears in the region; and nearby Pea Ridge National Military Park, giving the kids a leg up in history class when they start studying America’s Civil War.

And when we mentioned Eureka Springs to the kids, they immediately asked, “Can we go see that haunted hotel?”  They had seen several episodes of those ghostly paranormal shows on TV that featured the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, said to be America’s most haunted hotel!

So with the little bit of time and the little bit of expendable income we have, we are pretty sure that Eureka Springs is gonna be a great place to brake for spring break this year.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for us about Eureka Springs, the state Arkansas and The Ozarks (including the new Arkansas Art Trail), we would love for you to let us know.  Thanx.

Here is a great place to check out the latest Spring Break Hot Deals!

FREE FUN Family Activities this Spring Break!

Your Valentine’s Weekend Agenda!

Plan a quick, affordable getaway to Eureka Springs this Valentine’s Weekend. Lots To Do!

Enjoy an early Valentine’s Showcase Dinner that is worth attending on Friday evening at the Crystal Dining Room Restaurant.  The menu offers a casual gourmet cuisine in a historic ambiance with a wide variety of wines.  Call for availability 479-253-9652.

Live Entertainment all Weekend long.


Shop Downtown and visit Zarks Gallery-Hosting their 13th Annual BIG Glass SALE on Saturday!

Got a Sweet tooth?  Attend the 7th Annual Chocolate Lover’s Festival at Inn of the Ozarks.

Be the First! Watch the 1st Night Time Mardi Gras Parade to hit the downtown streets of Eureka Springs at 6pm.  Basin Spring Park or up at the Balcony Restaurant in the Basin Park Hotel are great places to watch the parade, get beads, and grab a bit to eat!  View the complete Mardi Gras Schedule.

After, grab a nice glass of wine and cheese plate at The Stone House on Main Street for the “No Print Art Show.”  From 7pm-10pm, original artworks by Caitlin Cantele will be featured through paintings, pen and ink, and watercolors.


Enjoy a Valentine’s Brunch at the Crystal Dining Room Restaurant.  Chocolate fountain and an array of delicious entrees are available from 9:30am-2pm.  Reservations are recommended by calling 479-253-9652.

FREE movie at Keel’s Creek Winery featuring “Chocolat” at 3pm. More info at 479-253-1769

More to Do!

While you visit make it extra special by visiting one of our many Day Spas.  Love the Outdoors, then visit many of our Natural Springs in town or go for a walk/hike at our nearby trails.

Make Eureka Springs your next getaway!