Parallel Universes: Things Unknown

Who has not heard of the Crescent Hotel in magical Eureka Springs, Arkansas? Our nightly ghost tours provide an unforgettable experience – walking the restored-to-period corridors, recalling the residents of long ago, and lingering in the  Morgue/museum of glamorous charlatan Norman Baker. But there is more! The Crescent Hotel also offers other ways to investigate the Paranormal- including semi-annual themed conferences and live theatre with supernatural themes.

Our next major event will be:


A confluence of evidence, thoughts and theories on some of the enduring mysteries in the mind, on the planet and in the heavens.

August 23, 24,25 2013

Topics include:

DOWSING – Controversial, yet employed all over the world–Gladys Mcoy, Ozark Research Institute, will recount the history of dowsing around the world; give a personal demonstration; and lead a “hunt” on the grounds of the Crescent Hotel!

AUTOMATIC WRITING – for centuries there have been isolated individuals who, while asleep or in trance, would write down material that appears to come from somewhere other than their own minds – often elaborate philosophical and cosmological systems, sometimes beyond the comprehension of the writer. Where does this material originate?

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION – Declared impossible – yet it keeps happening Larry Arnold, director of ParaScience International, author of ABLAZE! will explore several bizarre cases and propose various explanations for discussion.

PSI POTENTIAL – Do you have hidden abilities? Are you capable of remote viewing? ESP? Larry Flaxman, founder and president of Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team, will administer a series of scientifically governed tests.

In House Investigations

THE DOGON – How did the Dogon, a tribe in Mali West Africa,  come to possess knowledge of astronomical phenomena invisible to the naked eye? The ancient legends tell of travelers who came to earth from the Sirius star system.Things Unknown - Marbles Blast - Page 1 copy

CROP CIRCLES – Man made? Messages from space? Both? The jury is still out! Thomas Stacks will present the latest circles, theories and controversies.

BIZARREKANSAS: An exporation of the stranger side of the Natural state! Performers ED and Karen Underwood; authors of “Forgotten Tales of Arkansas.”

LIVE THEATER: Not Really A Door-a one hour roller-coaster, keep ’em guessing supernatural, comedy thriller & Flickering Tales-authentic Ozark ghost stories told around a fire-pit, ending with a trip to Norman Baker’s notorious morgue.  Plus the Ghost Tours!

These and other fascinating unexplained mysteries will be examined in detail by experts and discussed by conference participants – you!

Join us at our mountaintop Gothic chateau in the Ozark forest for a weekend of exploration into the unknown, among like-minded friends. We are pleased to offer generous discounts rates to our colleagues in curiosity.

2 Night Conference Package

2 nights in a Premium Room, Breakfast for 2, All Events Pass, 2 Tickets to Not Really A Door, and 2 Tickets to the Ghost Tour.

$439 plus tax.  Valid Friday & Saturday, 8/23 & 8/24.

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Day Passes Available: Friday $75, Saturday $100, 3-Day $125  Check Availability, click here.

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