Norman Baker “Comes Back To Life”

Norman Baker “Comes Back To Life”



(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) –Thanks to such occurrences as being named on several lists as the Number One Haunted Hotel in America by such sources as most people know or have at least heard of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, located here high in the Arkansas Ozarks, and its “guests who checked out but never left”.  However, not that many know about the infamous Norman Baker, the faux doctor who purchased and operated this mountaintop spa resort in the late 1930s to be used as his “cancer curing” hospital.  But all of that is about to change.

Starting on Friday, November 18, the character of Norman Baker will be brought to life in an hour-long theatrical presentation entitled “Midnight Theatre In the Morgue of the Mastermind: Norman Baker Speaks”.  This intimate portrayal of this flamboyant, dynamic character will take place in The Crescent’s “Faculty Lounge” of this proud member of Historic Hotels of America.

The creator, writer, producer and star of this one-man multi-media show is award-winning actor Keith Scales, formerly of Portland (OR).  Scales’ exhaustive research on Baker will allow him to present Baker’s story from Baker’s perspective as Baker himself.

The hour-long production finishes in the hotel’s macabre morgue, a leftover from the Baker Hospital days, and will leave it up to members of the audience to decide if this native of Muscatine, Iowa, was a genius or a charlatan.

“Norman Baker was self-educated, a vaudevillian, inventor, radio pioneer, publisher, a mail-order mastermind and a millionaire several times over,” tells Scales.  “However, he became most notorious for claiming to have discovered a cure for cancer, a claim he ‘served’ to his patients when he ran Baker’s Cancer Curable Hospital in a retro-fitted mountaintop spa resort in the Ozarks of Arkansas in the late 1930s.”

It is said that much of the paranormal activity that haunts The Crescent can be traced back to Baker’s days while in the five-story limestone structure.  Hospital artifacts, such as Baker’s autopsy table and walk-in cooler where he kept cadavers and other body parts, still exist in the hotel’s basement.

“Since 1997 when Marty and Elise Roenigk purchased The Crescent and began to embrace the tales of the property’s spirits, probably more than 10,000 people have walked the hotel halls during one of our nightly ghost tours,” Scales added.  “In those tours, patrons were told of Norman Baker.  Now, thanks to our new Midnight Theatre production, patrons can meet Norman Baker.”

Midnight Theatre’s In the Morgue of the Mastermind: Norman Baker Speaks will debut on Friday night, November 18 at 11 o’clock and can be seen at that same time every Friday and Saturday night.  Due to limited seating, advanced ticket purchases are encouraged.  Those tickets, as well as the nightly ghost tour tickets, may be purchased online at, by calling 800-342-9766, or at the hotel’s front desk.

For more information, one may go to picks as #1 Haunted Hotel Selects

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

As The #1 Haunted Hotel In America

One of the leading Internet providers of reviews for lodging in the world,, recently announced “America’s Five Most Haunted Hotels”…and at the top of the list at #1 was the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa located in the Arkansas Ozarks in Eureka Springs.

For years, hotel guests who come for a wedding, romantic getaway, and family vacations have enjoyed “hunting” for ghosts and recounting paranormal tales accompanied by photographic images, many of which can be found on .  Fans of the paranormal can actually tour the Crescent any night of the year.  And with the exploding interest in the hotel’s “guests who check out but never leave”, tours have been selling out nightly so guests and visitors are encouraged to buy Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour tickets online .

October seems to be “the” month to visit Eureka Springs and the Crescent, and the hotel still has a few nights with rooms available:  October 24, 25 and 26; and November 1, 2 and 3.  Online booking is available.

Some great paranormal events are coming to the Crescent.  On November 18 the hotel debuts its Midnight Theater production of “In the Morgue of the Mastermind:

Norman Baker Speaks”.  It is a nightly live presentation that introduces guests to one of the greatest frauds in American history – notorious Norman Baker who operated a cancer curing hospital in the Crescent in the late 1930s.  During the first full weekend in January 2012 (January 6, 7 and 8), amateur ghost hunters from all over the country will be coming to The Second Annual ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend where ESP Weekend guests get full and free access to all areas of the hotel including the “morgue”.

By the way, if paranormal devotees want two nights of exploring two different hotels, the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, located in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, offers the “Paranormal Pair” package where guests spend one night at the Basin Park and take that hotel’s guided ghost tour and then the next night move to the Crescent for sleeping and taking the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour.  Double the paranormal… all in one trip!