A Thrilling Family Vacation…

A Thrilling Family Vacation Where Families Vacation Together

Instead of dealing with the heat and long lines at an amusement park where the family is off doing different things, why not take a trip to Eureka Springs where the whole Family Vacations Together!

Eureka Springs has many Fun and Thrilling Attractions that the Whole Family can do together.


Exploring Downtown

Families love being in downtown where kids can explore the old Civil War Cave, the rock bluff shelter above Basin Spring Park, finding some cool magic tricks at the Magic Shop, or go explore the many staircases that connect Downtown Spring Street and Main Street.  For a fun experience of learning Eureka’s past characters or finding the underground, take one of these walking tours: Hellraisers, Hoodlums and Heated History Tour OR the Downtown – N – Underground Tour.  Tours are Everyday at 11am & 4pm, Kids under 12 are FREE!

Families can take a break and dine downtown together after the parents do some shopping.  Great food for all ages and the best view in downtown is at the Balcony Restaurant, located on the 2nd floor of the Basin Park Hotel.  Stay downtown where the most FUN Happens!

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Uncover the Mystery

Intrigue Theater is great for parents and kids of all ages.  Be amazed at some of the outstanding illusion and magic put on by illusionist, Sean Paul and medium, Juliane Fey. Set in a century year old building with theater style seating you will go back in time as they keep you guessing and entertain you with their close up magic and mystery. An intriguing experience you don’t want to miss!

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Explore America’s Most Haunted Hotel

Bring the whole family and stay over at a haunted hotel. Kids will love exploring the hallways with their cameras to see if they can catch orbs and they will sure to be thrilled on the nightly ghost tour that gives you a glimpse into the haunted past of the historic hotel while ending up in the morgue!  The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa sits atop the hillside of Eureka Springs, with beautiful views on the 4th floor of the Ozarks, surrounding gardens, verandas, trails, and a swimming pool.  A great vacation spot to scare up some lifetime memories!

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A Thrill in the Sky

Experience the exhilarating thrill of the Eureka Springs Ziplines Canopy Tour.  This is a must for the whole family! Families can have outdoor fun and a safe adventure tour together through the Ozark treetops. Enjoy 2 hours of fun as you start gradually through the trees and make your way up to the ultimate zipline, soaring 200 + feet high and about 1800 feet long!  A perfect family adventure.

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America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama

Take the whole family and relive The Greatest Story Ever Told! Staged in an outdoor amphitheater, the multi-level set, special lighting and sound effects, live animals, and a cast of 170 Biblically costumed actors come together to create the thrilling epic drama of Jesus Christ’s last days on earth.  The play is not the only thing to see and do thought.  The Christ of the Ozarks, the Holy Land Tour, Moses Tabernacle in the Wilderness, a section of the Berlin Wall, the Church in the Grove, the Bible Museum, and the Sacred Arts Museum are also on the grounds!

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Jump Into Fun

For great summer fun with the family explore any of the 3 rivers and 3 lakes that surround Eureka Springs. For nearby swimming visit Beaver Dam, rent ski boats or pontoons on Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake or go paddle boating on Lake Leatherwood.  For fishing, kayak or canoe rentals visit the White River, Kings River or Buffalo River. Break off from the heat and have fun in the water on your summer vacation.

Lake Activities


Roars & Growls

A visit to Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge brings kids and families face to face with over 150 exotic big cats. Open everyday, the 459 acre refuge offers visitors an education station, keeper talks, self guided tours, habitat tours, and feeding time for visitors to witness.  Only a short 7 mile drive from downtown Eureka Springs, take your kids to see the wild!

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Variety Shows

Everybody loves a laugh and live music so why not take the family to two of Eureka Springs Fun, Family Shows.  The Pine Mountain Theater offers families country, gospel, comedy, bluegrass, blues and rock n roll every evening, except for Sunday, unique souvenir items, and free all you can eat popcorn. Ozark Mountain HoeDown offers shows everynight of new and old country, gospel, comedy, nostalgic rock n roll, motown, do wap, disco, audience participation and impersonations.  Great fun for the whole family.

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4th of July in Eureka Springs











Plan your family 4th of July outing to Eureka Springs for 2014.  This year hometown fun just got a little sweeter with the annual downtown Eureka Springs 4th of July Bash.  This event brings families out Photo by Purdy Art Co.every year to play during the day, eat and shop downtown and then families find their way to the surrounding areas for fireworks at night.

The 4th of July Bash will feature free, family friendly events from 3pm-5pm in Basin Spring Park Downtown.  Many favorites include the water-balloon toss, cupcake walk, watermelon seed spitting contest, music and more! Celebrate the 4th of July the old fashioned way – in a Main Street Community!

Surrounding Area Firework Shows:

July 4
Fireworks celebration at the Holiday Island Recreation Center by The Barn. For more information contact Pam Hinson at 479-253-7700.

July 4
13th Annual Fireworks display at Ventris Trails End Resort. These fireworks are choreographed to music and are best seen by boat as they are projected toward Beaver Lake for an incredible effect as they reflect off the water of Beaver Lake.

July 4
Shell Knob, MO fireworks.  37th Annual Fire & Thunder Fireworks display will be held on Wednesday, July 4.  Known for its impressive bursts of interesting and unique shells, the display will take place around 9:30PM. The fireworks will be shot  about one mile east of the Shell Knob bridge, at lake level and from a platform. Fire & Thunder is a water-specialty show, so best viewing of all the spectacular effects is by water. In the event of inclement weather, the display will be held on July 5th. Tune to area radio stations for rain delay information.

What Goes “Zip!”, “Wow!”,” Ooo!”, “Roar!” and “Splash!”?

What Goes “Zip!”, “Wow!”,” Ooo!”, “Roar!” and “Splash!”?

A Eureka Springs Summer Vacation

A family summer vacation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, can be historical and hysterically fun thanks to some new attractions and some legendary ones with a new twist.


(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — What do “ZZZZZip!”, “Wow!”,”Ooo-OO-oo-oo!”, “Roar!”and “Splash!” all have in common?  They are all the sounds of a 2013 family vacation to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This year families can enjoy the new Ozark Mountain Ziplines, Intrigue Theater, ghost tours and tales of the macabre at the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, 34 new big cats at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge and all the nuances of Beaver Lake’s Starkey Marina.  These are in addition to the dozens of other family-friendly venues and events located in and happening around this Arkansas Ozark Victorian village.

“It seems as though in years past the age of the average vacationing visitor has been creeping up,” said Bill Ott, past chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce, “but with the addition of some new attractions and classic attractions being rediscovered, the age has been coming down and this year should see a huge jump.  Moms and dads, as well as grandparents, are loading up the kids of all ages -even those sophisticated older teens- and everyone is having a wonderful vacation in a destination known as ‘The Extraordinary Escape’.”

When the question is inevitably asked, “What’s there to do in Eureka Springs, especially for kids and families?” it can now be answered quite easily and enthusiastically.  Heading that list for 2013 is the new Ozark Mountain Ziplines (OMZ).  This popular, nationwide craze, which originated in Costa Rica, has never seen a better setting than the Arkansas Ozarks in and around Eureka Springs.  OMZ allows guests -ages three to 83- to soar more than 200 feet high over vast, gorgeous, beautiful hardwood trees and limestone cliffs with cable lengths up to 1,800 feet, the length of six football fields.

“I could not believe the thrill,” said one recent patron.  “It was like flying.  The best part about it was that my entire party and I felt super-safe in every phase of the adventure.  There’s minimal hiking from one point to the next and an air-conditioned van took us back up the mountainside.  Whoever said man cannot fly never took a ride on a zipline like the ones they have in Eureka Springs.”

Another relatively new attraction is Intrigue Theater.  Set in a eerie and intimate redeveloped Victorian church, this show takes audience members on a magical, humorous, and mind-blowing venture into the world of telepathy.

“My family and I were not only amazed, they were thrilled about being so close to such a high level of talent,” said one father as he exited the theatre following a performance.  The talent about which he spoke are noted illusionist and medium, Sean Paul, and his lovely assistant, Juliane,

The couple weaves an accompanying tale of intrigue as the unexplainable happens right before your eyes,” added the father.  “It was so entrancing, my teenage girls actually put down their smart phones and stopped texting.  Both the monkey and I approved of that.”

Sean Paul explained, “We place the audience into a time-capsule of the mind.  In doing so, members of the audience actually become part of our unfolding, mystical tales, magical demonstrations and introductions to special guests from ‘the other side’.  We even ask one member of the audience to come up on stage and, while under hypnosis, will have that volunteer regress back to a previous life only to return with physical proof of having crossed over.”

And speaking of “the other side”, no building is more famous for their “guests who check out but never leave” than the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa.  Well-respected as a mountaintop spa resort and wedding destination, this Historic Hotel of America takes guests on a hotel ghost tour every night giving them the chance to perhaps meet apparitions like Michael, Theodora, or the Lady In The Mist.

Recognized by many as America’s most haunted hotel, the Crescent has added a late-night nuance to their presentation of the paranormal.  “Flickering Tales” has guests, especially teens, sitting around an open campfire -in chairs- and being introduced to regional ghost stories almost lost to history.  These macabre stories are theatrically spun by noted international thespian, Keith Scales.  Once the hair is suitably standing up on the back of patrons’ necks, Scales leads them into a special trip to the hotel’s infamous “morgue” as the grand finale.

One of the biggest guesses at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge (TCWR) is wondering just how many big cats do they take care of at this 450-acre ranch located just a few minutes from downtown Eureka Springs.  But guests should never be too quick to hit the total button because it seems the folks at TCWR are adding to the number of abused, abandoned and neglected lions and tigers (and a bear) all the time.

Most recently, TCWR rescued nearly three-dozen big cats from a nearby county where they were being inadequately housed and cared for by a lady, due to her age and health condition, who could no longer give the animals proper care.  With this transition in its final stages, guests can meet the latest “cool cats” at this magnificent and breathtaking refuge that now houses nearly 150 animals including 138 big cats including mountain lions, cougars, panthers, bobcats, oh… and a bear.

On one of America’s most popular U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ lakes, Beaver Lake, sits Starkey Marina, located just west of Eureka Springs.  This floating cavalcade of watercrafts is the lake’s most popular stop for those who like to play on the water.  They will surely secure that standing in 2013 as they open a small, new restaurant as well as vastly increasing the number of personal watercrafts, pontoon and fishing boats to their fleet.  All the proper and required accoutrements are also available at Starkey ensuring your exploration of this clear blue 28,370-acre lake with its 480 miles of shoreline will create the finest in “memory chips”.

More information about these and all of Eureka Springs’ family-style attractions can be found at EurekaSpringsOnline.com as well as lodging-attractions packages and hot deals.  To avoid standing in line, attraction tickets may be purchased in advanced at ReserveEureka.com.

Spring Break Getaway in Eureka Springs


When we started planning for when the kids are gonna be out of school for spring break, Jane and I realized that both time and money were limited.  So we looked for a place that could offer a lot to do in a small area.  A place where there are fun activities that don’t cost a lot and a safe place for our kids to get out and explore on their own.  And since special family time is so limited these days, we wanted a place that has a proven track record of creating lifetime memories.  We wanted a family spring break that our kids might enjoy so much they would want to share it with their kids and grandkids.  Well, after a lot of research of <eurekasprings> on-line, we chose the historic Victorian village in the Arkansas Ozarks that the National Trust for Historic Preservation has named one of America’s Distinctive Destinations.

There the kids can have what they call an “exploravacation”, a time when they can go off on their own and explore the historic downtown district of Eureka Springs (making sure that they travel in pairs and carry their cell phones checking in every so often).

The kids were excited about getting to “discover” Eureka Spring’s crazy staircases, unique stories, interesting looking buildings feeling like they were on an adventure akin to a fun 19th century scavenger hunt.  (Jane and I quietly agreed that this would be much more appealing than filling spring break hours with just dropping the kids off at the mall!)

To give the kids a sense of what “discoveries” are out there, we found several walking tours like the Downtown-N-Underground Tour that traces the town’s history from its beginnings through the Civil War era, the days of Wild West outlaws, right on up to today.  The downtown’s history museum, Eureka Springs Historical Museum (hope that “m” word doesn’t scare the kids!), offers numerous maps of hidden walkways and trails of “a city that time forgot”.

Mountain resort city parks abound in Eureka Springs. The largest is the 85-acre municipal playground called Lake Leatherwood.  It has 40 miles of trails for hiking and biking.  (Guess we’d better load up the bikes!) If exploring a cave is your thing, there are lotsa caves in the area too.

A couple things that caught our eye (and should supply great photo opps) are Turpentine Creek, a refuge for wildlife and the largest collection of lions and tigers and bears in the region; and nearby Pea Ridge National Military Park, giving the kids a leg up in history class when they start studying America’s Civil War.

And when we mentioned Eureka Springs to the kids, they immediately asked, “Can we go see that haunted hotel?”  They had seen several episodes of those ghostly paranormal shows on TV that featured the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, said to be America’s most haunted hotel!

So with the little bit of time and the little bit of expendable income we have, we are pretty sure that Eureka Springs is gonna be a great place to brake for spring break this year.

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions for us about Eureka Springs, the state Arkansas and The Ozarks (including the new Arkansas Art Trail), we would love for you to let us know.  Thanx.

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