ESP Weekend 2013


January 4th-6th


In 1886, during the chaotic reconstruction period after the war between the states, a group of wealthy politicians and railroad magnates built themselves a refuge in the Ozarks mountains of Northwest Arkansas. They called it the Crescent Hotel.

Commanding a view of the surrounding country on all sides, built of three feet thick limestone walls, the building had the unmistakable look of a fortress in the hills. In the valley below lay Eureka Springs, “the town that grew up overnight” around a series of ancient, magical healing springs.

For a quarter of a century the corridors and gardens of the great castle in the air were walked by men in top hats and muttonchops and ladies in ball-gown fluttering fans, and the atmosphere was permeated by political intrigues and financial shenanigans.

The Crescent served as an exclusive runaway spot for the “carriage set” until the early twentieth century, when the politicians pulled out. In 1908 the population changed: the massive stone structure on the bluff now became a conservatory for young ladies. The rooms became classrooms and dormitories and the hall and gardens were trodden by young ladies in identical school uniforms, come from all over the country to the finish their education at one of the most progressive, exclusive and expensive schools of the day.

In 1934, the depression brought everything to a grinding halt in Eureka Springs.  The school closed down, and the mansion in sky fell silent. For three years the building sat empty, with no occupants but birds and perhaps a few ghosts.

Then, in 1937, a famous, flamboyant broadcaster and multimillionaire catalogue salesman drove into town in his purple roadster. Norman Baker bought the derelict building and twenty eight surrounding acres for a song, and established what he called a “cancer curable hospital.”

Once again the population changed; now the rooms and halls were filled with sick and dying people, brought to Eureka Springs on the promise of a miraculous cure to be brought about by Baker’s “secret remedy #5.” But if anybody was actually healed by Baker, we have yet to hear about it. In 1940 Baker was convicted of mail fraud and sent to Leavenworth prison for four years.

Again the building sat empty, until the end of World War Two.  During the following half century various groups and individuals attempted to operate the building as a hotel. By 1997 the Crescent was shambles and the city was preparing to tear the old building down and sell the real estate.

In the nick of time Marty and Elise Roegnik discovered the dilapidated hotel, fell in love with its American Gothic architecture and set about restoring the Crescent Hotel to its original glory.

Today the building is alive again, and the hotel has achieved a position as a famous family resort – and repository of the spirits of the hordes of individuals who lived, and died, within its walls. Once again visitors come from far and wide to visit the majestic castle on the mountain, for the scenery, the amenities, and for the chance of a genuine encounter with the Departed.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and New Moon Spa now offers ghost tours every evening of the year, guided by experts conversant with the history of the building and the region. Live performances offer ghost tales old and new. And annual conferences investigate various aspects of the paranormal.

The first Friday and Saturday nights of each year are devoted to ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) weekend. For those nights only, the rooms and areas of the history-drenched building that have been identified as the most “active” are opened up for paranormal investigators to explore at will – all through the small hours.

Come to the 1886 Crescent Hotel in January, 2013, and experience the halls, rooms and gardens where so many stories have unfolded for yourself. Bring your EVPs and EMFs, thermal and infra-red cameras. What better opportunity to capture genuine evidence of the presences from beyond could there be? Experience ESP weekend in the limestone castle consistently referred to as one of the most haunted locations in the country, in the dead of moody winter…

The night is the time for encountering ghosts. During the day you will be entertained and informed by performances and presentations, all relating to the world unseen. This year we present:

  • the latest on the “remote viewing” experiments conducted by the military
  • experiments in telepathy
  • a psychometron (sensory deprivation chamber) set up in Baker’s infamous morgue
  • a ghost play
  • an excursion to the famous Intrigue Theatre for a night of magic and illusion
  • talks and demonstration on developing your own extra-sensory perceptive powers
  • a salon of psychics
  • ghost tours
  • nocturnal ghost hunts led by Paranormal Investigator Larry Flaxman, founder of ARPAST, one of the biggest PI groups in the United States.

All this and more, at ESP 2013!

1-day packages (Sat only: $274.00) include a room and many if the above events.  2-day packages ($489.00) include all the above plus events on Friday and breakfast on Saturday.

This weekend will sell out fast – reserve now to avoid disappointment!


See you in the shadows…