Basin Park Hotel Ghost Investigation





Ice and snow prevented Larry Flaxman’s invaluable participation and kept a few ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) fans at home, but we had a marvelous group of guests and the nocturnal investigations of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin Park hotels were thoroughly enjoyable.


The Crescent obliged, as always, with indications of unseen presences, some great orb pictures and odd, inexplicable occurrences.  In January the plan had been to empty the Basin Park completely and explore the entire building while it was vacant – but then the ice came down and that plan had to be abandoned. By mid-February we had guests booked in already, but we were able to close down two floors and turn off hall lights. We started around 9 pm in the curious “cave” at the back of the Basin Park Hotel on street level – a high, wide aperture in the bluff against which the building is built. There were 20 guests and four Crescent Hotel tour guides. After explaining that, as none of us knew much about the Basin Park, we were all starting without preconceptions, we headed for the sixth floor.


We split into two groups. One party explored the Grand Ballroom, famous for the barefoot ball, the other the Lucky Seven Bar and Billiard Room, site of much illicit activity during Prohibition.  The orbs in the dark and cavernous Ballroom were brilliant and highly energized. In cameras we could see them performing aerial stunts, diving and swooping in the gloom – bright white, perfectly spherical and definitely not dust or insects.


Apart from spikes here and there on our EMF meters, the next major event took place in Room 519, which is known as one of the active spaces in the building. Several readers came up with the exactly the same finding – there seemed to be someone lying on the bed! We checked all around for sources of A/C current – there seemed to be no earthly reason for the off-the-chart readings down the center of the king bed in the center of the room.


On the third floor, room 313 showed a high rate of impulses, so we crowded in, closed the door, fell silent and then called to anyone who might be present. The impulses stopped, and try as we might, we could get no more response. Perhaps the entity did not like been in a tight space with so many strangers!


Throughout the rest of the investigation, slight phenomena occurred – someone felt cold on the back of their neck, apps produced words seemed uncannily apropos, spots where the meters responded seemed to move around, etc. No full body apparitions, nothing moved and no one poked or spoken to. We all wished we had more sophisticated equipment to follow up on what seemed to be strong indications. A little after midnight we called it a night.


So now we are looking forward to next January, when ESP weekend will be spread over two weekends – that way we should be able to keep the groups small enough to conduct serious explorations, our investigations will not be weather dependent and we will be bringing in more heavy-duty equipment.


So join us in 2015, to conduct a fully-equipped search, led by veteran paranormal investigators, of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin park hotels in historic Eureka Springs!


FOOTNOTE – to all who were this us on this escapade: if you have pictures or experiences to share of your night at the Basin park – and we know some of you have some great stuff – do please send what you have to Barbara Kennedy  at – we would love to post and archive all the evidence we gather very beginning!


Thanks, and we hope to see you all on the first weekend of  2015 – when ESP attendance will be capped at a reasonable number for serious investigation, and repeated the on the second weekend!


See you in the shadows – Keith Scales

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ESP Weekend 2013 Schedule

Eureka Springs Paranormal Conference

1886 Crescent Hotel-“America’s Most Haunted Hotel”

January 4-6, 2013


JULIANA FAY and her partner Sean-Paul, both longtime students of intuitive thought, mathematics, and memory, currently produce and star in Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs

Psychics LISA DAWN, SHAKEENA KEDEM, and MARGO ELLIOTT all live and practice in Eureka Springs.


Renowned psychic investigator and physicist, author of several books and founder of ARPAST, Larry resides in Little Rock. His birthday is Sun Jan 6th.

Closing thoughts: MAHA VAJRA, teacher, author, composer and founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association, comes to us from Toronto.

Special presentation: SHIVAGAM will be sharing some extraordinary EVP!

Conference coordinator KEITH SCALES, actor, director and writer, manages the ghost tours at the Crescent hotel.



12.00 –

Lobby Registration



Bakers Lounge


Silent film era GHOST MOVIES

5.00 pm – 6. 30 Conservatory WELCOME RECEPTION

Meet staff and other participants. .

7.00, 7.30

(to 9.00)

Meets Faculty Lounge on 4th Floor, ends in Morgue *GHOST TOURS: Introduction to Eureka Springs, the Crescent Hotel and our ghosts.
6.30-7.00 Conservatory JULIANE FAY: Remote Viewing: experiments in telepathy conducted by the US military
7.15- 8.00 Conservatory Psychics LISA DAWN, SHAKEENAH KEDEM and MARGO ELLIOTT: Experience
8.00-8.30 Conservatory SHIVAGAM: The Psychology of the ghost.
8.45-10.00 Conservatory LARRY FLAXMAN

Midnight Baker Lounge TOAST THE GHOSTS!
12.30 – 3.00 am Hallways, active rooms 502, 419, 3500, 218; and Baker’s Morgue. Search for ghostly activity, led by LARRY FLAXMAN,
3.00 am Lobby REFRESHMENTS: Chocolate and cookies. REPORT on findings
3.00-7.00 Morgue PYSCHOMANTUEM – sign up early! 20 min sessions
3.00 – 7.00 Hallways and active rooms FREE ROAM – consideration of sleeping guests appreciated.

Events marked with * are not included in one-day packages

Events marked with ** are free to the public

SATURDAY January 5

8.00-9.30 Crystal Dining Room Breakfast, announcements
10 am – Conservatory TECHNOPHILIA: reccos, demos and caveats Compare your latest P.I. gear!
11.00 – to 4.00 Off site *NARRATED VAN TOURS of historic Eureka Springs.  Sign up in the lobby.
Sat pm Casual dining in Bakers Lounge 4th flr LUNCH ON OWN
1.00  –


Room 419


Sign up in lobby



For napping or exploring Eureka Springs!
6.00,6.30, 7.00, 8.30 *GHOST TOURS

Reserve at Front Desk

Crystal Dining Room,

Bakers Lounge, local restaurants

6.00 –


8.00 – 10.00 Gavioli Hall

80 Mountain St on Historic Loop (¾ mile)

*Excursion to INTRIGUE THEATRE for an evening of magic and mystery with illusionist Sean-Paul and medium Juliane Fay.
All Sat night Ghost rooms and hallways; morgue till 3.00 am FREE ROAM
3.00am -7.00 Morgue PYSCHOMANTUEM – sign up early! 20 min sessions


8.00 – 9.30 am Dining Room BREAKFAST ON OWN – great brunch in the Crystal Dining Room!
9.30-10.15 Faculty lounge FLASHDRIVE FRENZY: reports on findings
10.30 –11.30


12.00 Check out


Off site – separate admission. Please sign up in the lobby. *NARRATED VAN TOURS of historic Eureka Springs.

**Free to the public

BUY Seminar  Passes HERE.



January 25-27, 2013


A three-day conference/retreat for readers and writers of fantasy and horror.

(In collaboration with the Eureka Springs Writers Colony)

August 23-25, 2013


where science meets the supernatural

A three-day gathering of experts in the fields of psychic phenomena and the hard sciences, in search of reliable evidence!

ESP Weekend


(EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS) — With the burning interest in paranormal activity being fueled by such television shows as the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” not many ghost devotees get the opportunity to investigate just like those professionals on television do. But now they can during the weekend of January 4-6, 2013, here in what many say is “America’s most haunted hotel”.
ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend will once again be held in the famous -and some would say infamous- 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa. This mountaintop spa resort is one of the most popular spots in Mid-America for weddings, romantic getaways and family vacations. However this five-story, limestone property has become the talk of the paranormal world ever since TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) caught on video, using a thermal imaging camera, a full-bodied apparition in the “morgue” of the hotel.
“It was wonderful that such evidence could be gathered by such a credible source as TAPS,” said hotel marketing director Bill Ott. “The TAPS investigators referred to this startling evidence as ‘the holy grail of ghost hunting’. But the evidence uncovered by our amateur ghost hunters during ESP Weekend is just as believably unbelievable.”
This year, in addition to ESP Weekend patrons having full access to the Crescent for their investigations, a full slate of other paranormal related activities have been planned including presentations by Larry Flaxman, renowned paranormal investigator and founder of ARPAST (Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team). Other guest speakers and presenters include medium Juliane Fay, psychic Lisa Dawn, plus a special appearance by Maha Vajra, Founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association.
“Larry (Flaxman) will be leading systematic search for ghostly activity, explained Keith Scales, director of ghost tours at the Crescent, “while Maja (Vajra) will be explaining communication in the paranormal world and exorcism. And these two events are just the tip of the ESP Weekend iceberg.”
Other planned discussion topics and events during the three day weekend include remote viewing where one performs the act of perceiving a person, object or event that
is located distantly in time and space; technophilia where participants will discuss, demonstrate and compare the latest paranormal investigation gear; experiments in telepathy; a Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour; a special theatrical presentation of “Not Really A Door: Back From The Dead With Baggage”; an excursion to the Intrigue Theater for an evening of magic and illusion; and of course the “free roam” where amateur ghost hunters are allowed to investigate -on their own- “America’s most haunted hotel” including reveal sessions.
“Each year our ESP Weekend grows both in number of attendees and scheduled events,” added Scales, “and this year’s weekend keeps that tradition well. With the quality of paranormal professionals and scheduled topics, our 2013 ESP Weekend will truly be our best yet.”
For more information regarding the Eureka Springs’ ESP Weekend, special overnight packages, and registration information, one may go to <> or call 800-342-9766.

ESP Weekend

He has a kind nature and authoritative tone. He speaks with skepticism and a hint of an English accent. His name is Keith Scales and he may be the last person you would expect to find directing ghost tours at the famous Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.

The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886 and sits overlooking the Victorian village of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Widely acclaimed to be “America’s Most Haunted Hotel,” the Crescent has a rich, recorded history.  You can call it a mecca for ghost hunters and serious paranormal investigators.

Much of the hotel’s haunted history stems from a period in the 1930’s when a man named Norman Baker acquired the Crescent Hotel and opened a hospital. He promised society a non-surgical cure for cancer. Unfortunately, the Baker cure would not save the lives of many of his patients. Stemming from years of fights with the American Medical Association and numerous other issues, Baker would be judged a charlatan and end up in jail.

Keith Scales is the director of the wildly popular Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours. In fact Keith is the key to the Crescent Hotel’s ESP Weekend. “I love history and Shakespeare,” he confessed. A writer, actor and director, Keith moved from London to America when he was 26 years old. Passionate about Greek dramas and theater he found a home in the artistic town of Eureka Springs. His love of history makes him a valuable asset to the Crescent Hotel. Relentless research of one of the Crescent Hotel’s famous owners Dr. Norman Baker led Keith to eventually write and act in the hotel’s newest attraction, Midnight Theater. Keith’s endlessly inquisitive (and skeptical) nature has landed him coordinating ESP Weekend for 2012. “Just because we can’t explain or understand something does not mean that it does not exist,” he answered when asked if he was a believer in ghosts. It is one of the most interesting preoccupations in human history…to explain the unexplained.

America’s Most Haunted Hotel hosts ESP Weekend every January. It is an opportunity for those who believe in paranormal activity to gain full and exclusive access to the most famous sites within the hotel. For those who have a curiosity, it is a chance to explore one of the country’s most intriguing historic structures and learn about current trends in parapsychological investigation. Whether ESP Weekend attendees come armed with a camera, video recorder, or more sophisticated scientific equipment, they all discover a thrilling and entertaining weekend.

You only have to turn on the TV to realize pop culture’s fascination with the paranormal. From SyFy to Biography to the Travel Channel, each network has its own version of ghost hunters and psychics investigating legends and unexplained occurrences in front of the camera. This is more than just a passing fad. Investigations into the paranormal began as early as 1886 and have consistently had a firm basis in science. Although a worldwide interest, prestigious American universities likeStanford and Duke began critical studies of ESP and psychokinesis in the laboratory using experiments to collect quantitative data usingstatisticalapproaches in their studies. In the 1960’s the established Parapsychological Association took a large step in advancing the field of parapsychology when it became affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the largest general scientific society in the world. Today, the University of Virginia’s Department of Psychiatric Medicine and the University of Arizona’s Vertias Laboratory as well as the Institute of Noetic Sciences are scientific leaders in the field of parapsychology which include studies in a number paranormal phenomenon, including but not limited to:

  • Telepathy: Transfer of information on thoughts or feelings between individuals by means other than the five classical senses.
  • Precognition: Perception of information about future places or events before they occur.
  • Clairvoyance: Obtaining information about places or events at remote locations, by means unknown to current science.
  • Psychokinesis: The ability of the mind to influence matter, time, space, or energy by means unknown to current science.
  • Near-death experiences: An experience reported by a person who nearly died, or who experienced clinical death and then revived.
  • Reincarnation: The rebirth of a soul or other non-physical aspect of human consciousness in a new physical body after death.
  • Apparitional experiences: Phenomena often attributed to ghosts and encountered in places a deceased individual is thought to have frequented, or in association with the person’s former belongings.

The Crescent Hotel owes its reputation at least in part to the televised investigations and aired stories on popular shows like TAPS and Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story. The hotel also keeps a database of photos submitted by the guests who stay at the Crescent Hotel. See the photos guests have submitted by visiting America’s Most Haunted Hotel.

On a ghost tour, Keith takes people to the basement of the hotel and leads them back to the morgue, (built in the 1930’s and still intact). The history learned on the tour will make you wonder whether the medical methods used here were introduced before their time and based on unlocking the power of the human brain to heal or just nonsense? It is an area of investigation to this day. Keith extends an invitation, “come and spend a weekend at the Crescent.  Discover credible and rational explanations to the unexplained if you can.”

If you are intrigued by parapsychology and want to investigate one of America’s most reportedly active historic properties then consider attending ESP Weekend.Details here.

ESP Weekend (Eureka Springs Paranormal)

ESP Weekend 2012 Sets Full Agenda

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — The upcoming ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend 2012, scheduled for January 6-8 in the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, has released its three-day agenda.  The agenda includes not only the very popular complete hotel access for attendees to ghost hunt on their own but this year attendees will also be able to attend numerous seminars, speakers, cinematic presentations, and a live theatrical presentation.  The hotel, rated as America’s most haunted by Trip Advisor and, is located here atop Crescent Mountain on the historic loop at 75 Prospect Avenue.

“What we are trying to do is build upon the success of past ESP Weekends and give attendees a full paranormal experience from start to finish,” said Keith Scales, the hotels ghost tour director.  “This year we think we have added the ‘wow factor’ with musical presentations by ‘Still On The Hill’, a well known duo who plays exotic instruments creating a kaleidoscope of musical color and texture.”

Weekend activities also include ghost sweeps, several paranormal-based documentaries, technophilia seminar, off-site investigations, themed movies and experiments in telepathy.  “However, there will be plenty of time for attendees to tour this haunted mountaintop spa resort, even the morgue, just like TAPS from ‘Ghost Hunters’ did several years ago and then a chance to compare their findings with fellow paranormal enthusiasts,” added Scales.

The weekend starts during Friday check-in when attendees will receive their “paranormal packet”.  Following an opening reception; attendees will take the very popular hotel ghost tour; see a film; browse a book fair; and then be part of the exclusive audience for the hotel’s new Midnight Theatre production of “In The Morgue of The Mastermind:  Norman Baker Speaks”, an intimate look into the psyche of the charlatan that operated the Crescent Hotel in the late 1930s as a cancer curing hospital.

Saturday has attendees taking an active part in technophilia and telepathy seminars, more ghost hunting in some of the hotel’s most active rooms, another documentary, a movie, plus a séance.

“Perhaps the most popular event each year during this weekend is when attendees -armed with flash drives- compare their findings to the findings of others.  They then share those images and EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) by swapping flash drives and then downloading each other’s evidence,” Scales explained.

The ESP Weekend is an overnight package.  Full details can be found on the Crescent Hotel’s paranormal website, . picks as #1 Haunted Hotel Selects

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa

As The #1 Haunted Hotel In America

One of the leading Internet providers of reviews for lodging in the world,, recently announced “America’s Five Most Haunted Hotels”…and at the top of the list at #1 was the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa located in the Arkansas Ozarks in Eureka Springs.

For years, hotel guests who come for a wedding, romantic getaway, and family vacations have enjoyed “hunting” for ghosts and recounting paranormal tales accompanied by photographic images, many of which can be found on .  Fans of the paranormal can actually tour the Crescent any night of the year.  And with the exploding interest in the hotel’s “guests who check out but never leave”, tours have been selling out nightly so guests and visitors are encouraged to buy Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour tickets online .

October seems to be “the” month to visit Eureka Springs and the Crescent, and the hotel still has a few nights with rooms available:  October 24, 25 and 26; and November 1, 2 and 3.  Online booking is available.

Some great paranormal events are coming to the Crescent.  On November 18 the hotel debuts its Midnight Theater production of “In the Morgue of the Mastermind:

Norman Baker Speaks”.  It is a nightly live presentation that introduces guests to one of the greatest frauds in American history – notorious Norman Baker who operated a cancer curing hospital in the Crescent in the late 1930s.  During the first full weekend in January 2012 (January 6, 7 and 8), amateur ghost hunters from all over the country will be coming to The Second Annual ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend where ESP Weekend guests get full and free access to all areas of the hotel including the “morgue”.

By the way, if paranormal devotees want two nights of exploring two different hotels, the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, located in Historic Downtown Eureka Springs, offers the “Paranormal Pair” package where guests spend one night at the Basin Park and take that hotel’s guided ghost tour and then the next night move to the Crescent for sleeping and taking the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour.  Double the paranormal… all in one trip!