Fall For Eureka Springs… It’s Color-full!

Fall color of the Arkansas Ozarks surround this Historic Hotel of America.

Fall color of the Arkansas Ozarks surround this Historic Hotel of America.

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) – Every fall in the Arkansas Ozarks, two things happen.  First, the leaves of the hardwoods covering the majestic hills and adjoining hollows morph from emerald green to the fiery hues of orange, violet, gold and red.  Second, seasoned travelers who enjoy seeing this colorful transition up close and personal go in search of a cottage that places them right in the middle of this seasonal segue.  The mountain village of Eureka Springs is well known for accommodating visitors looking for satisfaction on both points with the bonus of unbeatable weather and plentiful events and attractions.

“Arkansas’ fall foliage is recognized nationally as a top ten destination for its color and magnificence with The Ozarks as its crowned jewel,” said Jack Moyer, general manager of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, a Historic Hotel of America, “and as a further enhancement we have added to our overnight hospitality offering by adding adjacent cottages to our existing, five-story, nineteenth century structure.”

Moyer added, “At the Crescent, we recognized the demand for upscale lodging, allowing couples to travel together, with access to hotel services but guaranteeing the peace and quiet that a natural setting in the woods provides.  And since The Crescent Hotel is blessed with 15 mountaintop acres, known as Crescent Park, we were able to carve out just enough woodland to strategically place our four two-bedroom cottages amid the trees thereby protecting their remote nature.  Treetop cottages surrounded by an urban forest.  The reaction of our guests to these E. Fay Jones-style structures has been consistently positive and complimentary.”

Crescent Cottages are neighbors to their sister property, Lookout Cottage Estate, in-town upscale cottages that are secluded and each with its own unique and historic ambiance.  Both are located within simple walking distance to the historic, main structure of the Crescent offering guests the reciprocal opportunity to enjoy all in-hotel amenities like the restaurants, New Moon Spa & Salon, daily resort activities and the famous Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour.  However, the cottages are tucked away far enough for guests to enjoy the peace and quiet of a hidden mountain hideaway.

For those guests who enjoy a woodland adventure right outside their front door, both Crescent Cottages and Lookout Cottage Estate are located adjacent to the newly opened Harmon Park Loop, a 1.4-mile loop trail for hiking and mountain biking.  The Harmon Park Loop connects to the city playground, its dog park, and links to the city’s master trail system including Lake Leatherwood City Park.

For rates or more information on Crescent Cottages, Lookout Cottage Estate and other similar lodging properties in the greater Eureka Springs area, one may go to CrescentPark-Arkansas.com or EurekaSpringsOnline.com .


HI-REZ IMAGE>>> https://get.google.com/albumarchive/114207375022876830030/album/AF1QipPKoElBdR3rZupeGNtgn9xuPeBHl519FowEZVI6?source=pwa



GREAT PLACE TO START YOUR LEAF PEEPING… Those interested in getting a preview of the changing Fall Colors in Eureka Springs can go to the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa’s “Fall Color Web Cam” which is updated every 15min.  http://crescent-hotel.com/webcam.shtml

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Sleep With A Ghost -Guaranteed

SLEEPING WITH A GHOST... ...is guaranteed during the month of October at America's Most Haunted Hotel as every room -even Michael's Room 218 (said to be the most active room in the hotel)- will have a "ghost" on the bed welcoming guests as they enter.  [1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas]

…is guaranteed during the month of October at America’s Most Haunted Hotel as every room -even Michael’s Room 218 (said to be the most active room in the hotel)- will have a “ghost” on the bed welcoming guests as they enter.
[1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, Eureka Springs, Arkansas]
—o o o o o o—

(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, is giving overnight guests during the month of October a guarantee that they can sleep with a ghost.   The ghost of the guarantee may not be of the paranormal kind but a “ghost” nonetheless.

“When guests check in to the 1886 Crescent Hotel, the question most often asked when handed their key is ‘Is there a ghost in this room?’  Well, during the month of October, Crescent front desk clerks can cheerfully answer ‘Yes!’,” said Jack Moyer, hotel vice president and general manager.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel, a proud member of Historic Hotels of America, has been featured on nearly 10 nationally syndicated paranormal television shows in as many years and is regularly listed at or near the top of all haunted hotel lists found online.  “USA Today has featured our hotel in full-page articles twice and NBC’s Today Show has mentioned our property on numerous Halloween versions of their morning broadcast,” Moyer added.  “However, the best national exposure of our ‘guests who check out but never leave’ was when Syfy’s highly popular Ghost Hunters program captured a full body apparition here on their thermal imaging camera while conducting an on-site investigation.  They called it ‘the holy grail of ghost hunting’.”

Throughout the years, many guests have reported seeing, hearing or feeling an apparition in their room during their overnight stay at the 1886 Crescent.  Some have even described those sensations in or around the bed while sleeping.

“It was the frequency of these random encounters that encouraged us to offer every overnight guest during this October such an experience,” explained Moyer, “even though in a somewhat whimsical manner.  We will be decorating each sleeping room with a cute, cuddly, three-foot by two-foot by one-foot white plush ghost to hang on to during the sleeping hours.  A paranormal security binkie has never taken a more delightful form.”

Moyer concluded, “As an added bonus, if any guest wants to take home one of these snuggly ghosts, they will be available in our hotel gift shop.”

For more information, one may go to CrescentHotel.com and AmericasMostHauntedHotel.com .






The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa has announced that on Friday and Saturday nights during October they will be expanding their nightly ghost tour offering.  The regular nightly tour, which takes patrons from the hotel’s fourth floor down five flights of stairs to “the morgue”, has added an “all of the stories, none of the stairs” tour on Friday and Saturday nights only at 10, 10:30 and 11 o’clock.

For more information, one may go to AmericasMostHauntedHotel.com.


4th of July in Eureka Springs











Plan your family 4th of July outing to Eureka Springs for 2014.  This year hometown fun just got a little sweeter with the annual downtown Eureka Springs 4th of July Bash.  This event brings families out Photo by Purdy Art Co.every year to play during the day, eat and shop downtown and then families find their way to the surrounding areas for fireworks at night.

The 4th of July Bash will feature free, family friendly events from 3pm-5pm in Basin Spring Park Downtown.  Many favorites include the water-balloon toss, cupcake walk, watermelon seed spitting contest, music and more! Celebrate the 4th of July the old fashioned way – in a Main Street Community!

Surrounding Area Firework Shows:

July 4
Fireworks celebration at the Holiday Island Recreation Center by The Barn. For more information contact Pam Hinson at 479-253-7700.

July 4
13th Annual Fireworks display at Ventris Trails End Resort. These fireworks are choreographed to music and are best seen by boat as they are projected toward Beaver Lake for an incredible effect as they reflect off the water of Beaver Lake.

July 4
Shell Knob, MO fireworks.  37th Annual Fire & Thunder Fireworks display will be held on Wednesday, July 4.  Known for its impressive bursts of interesting and unique shells, the display will take place around 9:30PM. The fireworks will be shot  about one mile east of the Shell Knob bridge, at lake level and from a platform. Fire & Thunder is a water-specialty show, so best viewing of all the spectacular effects is by water. In the event of inclement weather, the display will be held on July 5th. Tune to area radio stations for rain delay information.

Basin Park Hotel Spirit Experience

Basin Park Hotel Spirit Experience
Eureka Springs, AR

Prior to attending a conference in nearby Rogers, Arkansas, in 2013, several colleagues from Louisiana and I decided to meet up with other colleagues from Arkansas for a weekend at the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs.  This is an account of my personal experience with a spirit resident of the Basin Park Hotel.

Upon arrival, I tossed my luggage into the hotel room and hit the streets.  A few hours later, I stopped by my room to put some powder in my shoes.  I distinctly remembered the powder being the last thing I packed before leaving Baton Rouge.  However, the powder was nowhere to be found, so I left for more sightseeing.  Later, when I returned to the hotel, the powder was sitting on top of my luggage.

The following morning I struck out on foot again to get in a little shopping before our departure the next morning.  I purchased a simple but interestingly designed sterling silver ring from Magee’s jewelry shop up the hill and around the corner from the hotel.  That evening, I removed the ring from my finger and placed it on the nightstand along with my watch, glasses and loose change, then went to sleep.  The next morning the ring was nowhere to be found.  After searching everywhere around the bed and sifting through the luggage items I gave up, raised my arms into the air and said aloud, “When you finish playing with the ring, please return it to me.”  Somehow I had a feeling it was a female spirit; a child.

Two weeks later, while sweeping along the baseboards of my home I made a strong sweep with the broom and set the broom back down in the same path as we do when sweeping.  As soon as I set the broom down, the ring appeared immediately in front of it exactly midway of the width of the broom.  Had the ring been there the moment before, it would have shot across the room like a hockey puck.  I picked up the ring, put it on my finger, and said aloud “Thanks for returning my ring. Stay and visit if you like.”

My spirit guest stayed for 3 weeks and would make him/herself known midweek around midnight by knocking four distinct times, exactly like knocking on a door.  The first time I heard it, I thought someone was at my front door.  I got up from bed to check only to learn no one was there.  The next week I tried to locate the knock inside the house but could not pinpoint it.  The third week I had a houseguest.  We were watching TV when the knocking occurred.  When I did not move to get up, he remarked that someone was at the door.  I explained that no one was at the door, it was a spirit traveler visiting from Arkansas.

Leon Steele
Baton Rouge, LA

Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt


Eurekapalooza September 28th


September’s 4th Annual Eurekapalooza Outdoor Festival, to be held on Saturday, Sept. 28 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. at Lake Leatherwood City Park in Eureka Springs. The all-ages music and family-fun festival has expanded this year with more live entertainment and more fun activities for children and families. The Kid Zone will
be “bouncy fun” with all sorts of games, slides, activities and art-making opportunities, said organizer Karen FitzPatrick. Admission to Eurekapalooza is a suggested
$1 per person donation at the gate. 513

The music lineup includes Colorado folk-rockers Sarah & The Meanies; National Park Radio; Louisiana-based Cajun/ reggae/rock band Stiff Necked Fools; Eureka-based Americana group Dime Trip; heavy metal rockers Iron Swine of Eureka; teen pop group Signs of Warning from Oklahoma; Berryville-based bluegrass standouts The Monastery Dogs; and Eureka-based alt-rock/pop/Americana act SxRex. Following are previews of the major performing acts scheduled for this year’s festival.

Eurekapalooza is a fundraiser for Clear Spring School, an independent school in Eureka Springs that provides a handson education to pre-primary through 12th
grades in Northwest Arkansas. For more information about the school, visit www. ClearSpringSchool.org.

Have you heard of Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado? Well, so has Denver-based indie-folk-rock band Sarah & The Meanies — they actually performed
there earlier this year. Sarah Angela, better known as “SA,” has grown from a singing baby to an indie-folk-rocker playing solo across the country to the leader of an explosive Americana standout group, Sarah & The Meanies. he band has been featured at Austin’s South By Southwest, The Underground Music Showcase, and many
major live music venues across the country. Hands off the ground and buried in a lifetime of musical obsession, Sarah has roots that run wide. The group’s songs
might reference the styles of Bonnie Raitt, Otis Redding, Citizen Cope, or Sia; but despite some of their influences, they’ve — and she’s — got their own unique sound. One
thing’s for sure, she sings bigger and louder than her 5-foot frame would have you assume. More so, the soul poured into every song is obvious with each note that she utters. The group has earned rave critical reviews all over the nation; Pacific Northwest Music Scene wrote: “Sarah Angela took the stage. Close your eyes and envision an angel singing sweet, but down and dirty, heartfelt lyrics. Open your eyes, and your guess was correct.”
National Park Radio is a newish, modern folk-rock band born and based in the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains. An all-acoustic band featuring well-written original
songs and beautiful vocals, NPR has a unique sound that is easy to love. Their self-titled EP debut contains five songs inspired by the beauty of their native landscape
as well as the joys and trials of life and love. The lyrical poetry of lead singer and songwriter Stefan Szabo is a treasure not to be missed, and the melodies and vocal harmonies complete the package. National Park Radio is surely a band on the rise in the Arkansas music scene, and Eurekapalooza fans are certain to
enjoy their performance.
Stiff Necked Fools are a Cajun-flavored reggae band based in Shreveport, La. Dan Sanchez was an award-winning blues artist from Los Angeles who was looking to do something new. His search led him to Reggae music, which soon became his passion and led him to form this group. As the group began to pick up steam, the horn players
arrived. Ryan Viser (trumpet) and Stefan Poole (saxophones) were brought in to help give the band that big, full sound. From there, things began taking off.
Unfortunately, just as the group was starting to blossom, Sanchez fell ill to cancer and passed away in March 2010. Devastated but determined, the Fools worked to pick
up the pieces and keep on moving. Their persistence paid off. With more players added to the group and a new sound emerging, their weekly Reggae Thursdays jam at a local Shreveport venue exploded. With the newfound energy came creativity, and original songs started pouring out week after week.
Today, they are easily the hottest reggae/jamband in this part of the country. With the group opening up for bands such as Rebirth Brass Band, Cowboy Mouth, Bonerama, and many others, Stiff Necked Fools is making its mark on the music scene across the South, building a rising following among music lovers who enjoy groups such as Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, The Expendables, etc. “Our genre of music has been dubbed Bayou Reggae” says Viser. “We definitely have that sound that reggae is known for, but we’ve put a unique Louisiana-style twist on it that makes it really different.”  “You just never know what we’re gonna do. The amount of talent each member brings makes this band very versatile,” says vocalist and drummer John Hoffman. Sarah & The Meanies performed at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado earlier this year. National Park Radio is based in the Ozarks and has members from Harrison and Fayetteville. Stiff Necked Fools’s six members are based in Shreveport, La.


Take some hard-rock drumming, blues-influenced bass lines and a heavy dose of Celtic and folk musical flavor — and a mandolin to boot — and what do you get?
A band from Eureka Springs, called SxRex, with one of the most unique and melodic folk-rock sounds you’ve heard in a while. SxRex — pronounced S-X-Rex — is a three-piece folk-rock group featuring soulful, on-the-mark lead vocals by personable and fun-to-watch frontman Josh Bower, who also plays mandolin and guitar, depending on the song. His brother, Chris Bower, a contributing songwriter, mans a mean bass guitar and contributes vocals as well. Youngest brother Nick drives the drum-kit and is a contributing songwriter. All three add their own flavor to the band’s overall sound and the development of the group’s scores of original tracks, which range in sound from straight-out rock to Celtic-flavored folk-rock and progressive-bluegrass tunes. The group is known for long, variety-filled sets that include
trippy instrumentals — think Ireland’s answer to Widespread Panic, plus psychedelics — and songs with musical themes covering a wide range of genres, including Celtic rock (a la Flogging Molly and the Pogues), modern blues-rock (a la The Black Keys), reggae (a la Bob Marley), and progressive jamgrass (a la Mumford and Sons or Trampled By Turtles). They even have a comically heart-felt country song about a dog. SxRex also covers a wide range of popular hits, including
tracks by Queens of the Stone Age, The Black Keys, The Misfits, Rage Against The Machine, Scissor Sisters, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ween, among others. The group has performed at venues far and near, including around Arkansas, Missouri and Colorado.

Signs of Warning

Signs of Warning is comprised of three kids ages 12 to 15 who are all veterans of John Michael’s Music Rock Camp. With a combination of two girls and one boy, Signs of Warning brings a modern twist to classic rock ‘n’ roll. The band has been rehearsing twice per week since May 2010, perfecting their songs. Covers they perform include
crowd favorites KISS, Fleetwood Mac, Johnny Cash and Joan Jett. The band has performed at many Oklahoma events including for the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. This year was their first time to play at The Festival of the Arts in Broken Arrow. A big accomplishment was having their version of “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” added to the music rotation on the Payne Radio Group’s stations across Oklahoma. According to Mr. Payne, Signs of Warning is the only rock ‘n’ roll band to ever be requested
on his country radio stations. Band members include Trenton Dennis, 14, on guitar and vocals; Jordan Roberts, 12, on drums; and Dakota Roberts,
15, on bass and vocals. SxRex is comprised of three brothers. Signs of Warning includes three teens who are all veterans of John Michael’s Music Rock Camp in Oklahoma.

For more information or to schedule an interview,
contact Karen Fitzpatrick at 479-981-9578 or email
karen@clearspringschool.org, or go online to:

A Eureka Springs September Getaway & Upcoming Events

School is back in but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the end of summer fun and weather!  A big parimagest of the Eureka Springs getaway are the roads and pass that brings you here.  Set in the heart of Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is a Mountaintop Spa Destination preserved from 4 lane highway development by winding roads and scenic vistas.   Here is what you can enjoy and experience in September: 

Outdoor Fun

Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Ziplining, Horseback Riding, Swimming and Boating all can be accessed in and around Eureka Springs.  Click here to learn more.

Live Theater & Ghosts HuntingPhoto by Purdy Art Co.

Are you a thrill seeker, want to be spooked? Experience nightly ghost tours at the historic Crescent or Basin Park Hotels, listen to Ozark Mountain Ghost Stories told around a campfire, or be amazed by the wonders of Illusion at Intrigue Theater.

Historic Tours

One of the best ways to learn about Eureka Springs is visiting our Historical Museum right along Main St. in the downtown area or see it for yourself by taking a Eureka Springs Van Tour, Downtown Walking Tours, Tram or Trolley Tours.  Into nature and beauty, visit one of our many Natural Springs, by driving or walking along Spring St. where many are located in our historic downtown area.

Eureka Springs Attractionsfeeding_0045

Of course there is always something for everyone to do and enjoy in Eureka Springs.  Learn of our many year round attractions, click hereBUY your Attractions Tickets ALL in one place, click here.


Upcoming Events in Eureka Springs, AR for September:

Crescent Classic Rally: 9/4-9/8   photo

Antique Automobile Festival: 9/6-9/8  Hundreds of vintage classics compete for prizes and trophies.  Parade on Saturday, 9/7 at 11am with the 1922 Bank Robbery Re-enactment directly after the parade.

Woodcarvers Jamboree: 9/8-9/9 at Pine Mountain Village from 10am-5pm.  Demonstrations of woodworking craft, items for sale, and peoples choice for best of show.

Scooting the Ozarks: 9/11-9/14 This event is open to all scooter riders, from mopeds to maxi’s and two strokes to four strokes.  

Jazz Weekend: 9/13-9/15 free music in basin spring park each afternoon from noon until 6pm and a Jazz fusion band Spyro Gyra performs live in the Auditorium on Saturday at 7:30pm.

 Bikes Blues & BBQ: 9/20-9/22  Bikes, Blues, & BBQ is the nation’s largest charitable motorcycle rally located in Fayetteville, Ar.  Many bikers and motorcycle Photo by Purdy Art Co.enthusiasts travel up to Eureka Springs, 45 min away, to enjoy the open road and the downtown atmosphere during the event weekend.

 FUN After 5 in Basin Park-9/27  FREE event in Basin Spring Park from 5pm-7pm. 

Eurekapalooza: 9/28 Outdoor Festival at Lake Leatherwood City Park.  This family-friendly event features 2 stages of non-stop entertainment, an exciting Kid Zone, great food, vendors, and games in the beautiful setting of Lake Leatherwood City Park. Proceeds benefit Clear Spring School.

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Las Vegas Magic Weekend in Eureka Springs

July 27th & 28th
INTRIGUE THEATER of Eureka Springs, collaborates with Las Vegas master magician and teacher Jeff McBride to bring the closest thing there is to Harry P1069849_606577232710560_1021536034_notter’s Hogwarts to Eureka Springs. McBride will perform his Many Faces of Magic Show for the general public, followed by a special lecture “For Magicians Only,” on July 28th.

Call for tickets: 855-446-8744  See Full Schedule, click here.

Watch the Video, click here:


2 Live Ghost Theatre Productions!

New Ghost Theatre Productions at the Crescent Hotel-You Don’t Want to Miss!

Purchase Tickets Here