Joe David Rice Caps Semester Long Hospitality Speaker Series

Joined by Superintendant Kellogg, Principal Lavendar, and Instructor Sherry Sullivan, Arkansas Tourism Director Joe David Rice was welcomed to Eureka Springs Schools to deliver one of the final guest 10270575_10152391135858921_8586588118204687941_nlectures for  Eureka’s newest business class.  A partnership of the Arkansas Hospitality Association and brought to Eureka Springs by Lavendar, the class entitled The Business Of Hospitality is a collaboration of Career Education Instructor Sherry Sullivan and Basin Park Hotel Manager Jack Moyer.  The class has featured 25 guest speakers from across Arkansas with group’s gaining feedback to be included in a semester project that entails writing a business plan that follows standards.

“We felt Joe David Rice was the perfect speaker to summarize all that we have learned throughout the semester” stated Moyer.  “I think he was impressed with our students, their questions and mostly their interest and understanding of the industry.”  Semester Speakers in the hospitality series have included Mike Bishop, Mike Maloney and Jacqueline Wolven representing their respective organizations as well as industry professionals such as Britt Evans,  Ruth Hager, Kathy Pickowitz, Randy Wolfinbarger, Kent Butler, Tanya Smith, David Mitchell, Jill Rohrbach, Gina Drennon, Bill Ott,  Jodie English, Amanda Haley, Leslie Stilwell, Kelly Way, Tanner Montgomery and Teri Gage with the National Parks Service.

One Speaker, Eureka Inn’s Jed Bullock added “Best Westerns of Arkansas Co-op is an original and long standing partner of the Arkansas Hospitality Associations lodging management program.  We 10153661_10152391149658921_2390276927574800739_nunderstand the need and value of investing in our industry through education of our youth and creating awareness of opportunities that the Hospitaltiy industry offers.  As Best Westerns of Arkansas has contributed over $50,000 to the LMP program, you can understand I am proud that this program has been established in Eureka Springs Schools.”

The hospitality program continues with semester projects through five work groups, visits from the Arkansas Hospitality Association and a field trip to learn about the hospitality industry in our neighboring communities of Bentonville, Rogers and Fayetteville.