(EUREKA SPRINGS, AR) — Every night of the year, dozens of different people wind their way down the hallways and open, serpentine staircases of the five-story 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”.  Final destination: the hotel’s  “morgue”.  They just know they are strolling amidst what some would say are hundreds of spirits who still frequent this Historic Hotel of America located here atop Crescent Mountain.  Each tour patron is eager to see something, feel something, smell something that they would categorize as a ghostlike experience enabling them to share that close encounter with their world.  However, several of those strolling along those same paranormal chGhostBldg_circa1890pathways have been there before, every night of the year.  These are the stalwart souls known as the Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour Guides.

“From smelling mysterious pipe tobacco to seeing an orb entering a boy’s skull, our (ghost tour) guides are exposed nightly to the hotel’s ‘guests who check out but never leave’,” said Keith Scales, director of the hotel’s ghost tour department.  “With that said, each has not only a unique ‘nom de guide’ but a special supernatural experience of their own to tell.  It is their raison d’être for being a tour guide in this world-famous haunted hotel.”

Aunt Reba had always admired the Crescent since moving to Eureka Springs and had her first unexplainable happening while exploring the hotel as a tourist.  The smell of cherry pipe tobacco got her attention when she reached the second floor.  She did not find out until two years later during her training to be a guide that her earlier encounter with that tobacco essence had probably emanated from one of the Crescent’s more illustrious spirits, the hotel’s in-house doctor circa late nineteenth century.  Dr. John Freemont Ellis, whose office was in what is now Room 212, was known for being a heavy pipe smoker of cherry tobacco.

Since then she says that she has detected “that charming aroma” occasionally, both while alone and while leading a ghost tour.  The most bizarre sensing, she explained, came during a recent tour of 24 people,  “We all simultaneously experienced that olfactory sensation for well over a minute.  And let it be understood that our entire hotel is a ‘no smoking’ property and has been for years.”

Duchess Debra, who gives tours and performs in a two-person paranormal play, Not Really A Door, at the hotel on Friday and Saturday nights, was on stage with her co-star during a recent performance.  One scene in the play has the two actors delivering the line “Ghost!” simultaneously.  At that exact point in time, four books used as props on a shelf went flying out toward the audience “as if someone -or something- had tossed them like a Frisbee”.  The books hit no one; however, the unpredictable, unexplainable occurrence got everyone’s attention.

Sweet Lady Sandra had one woman excitedly announce during a tour that she “clearly saw” and “emphatically heard” a man with a buzz-cut hairstyle say the words, “What about my treatment?”  Two others on that same tour said they saw in their peripheral vision a blurred figure of a man go by in that same vicinity at that same moment.

Miss Katherine was standing at the very bottom of the hotel’s open staircase with her tour group pausing before they entered the zigzagging trail to the morgue.  While all were standing still, Katherine experienced a chill causing her to “grow goose bumps” and then momentarily she found it hard to breathe.  The two ladies standing next to her turned pale and quickly asked, “Did anyone feel that?  It’s the little girl.  She is here.  I can feel her!”  They were referring to the story of the little girl that reportedly fell to her death from the fourth floor railing sometime during the early years of hotel operations.  Where she supposedly landed was the exact spot where the tour group was standing during the literal chilling experience.

To add to this story, one man said, “Oh, my.  Look at this photo!”, a photo he had just taken prior to the ladies’ verbal declaration.  He passed his camera around and clearly everyone could see a foggy mist in the shape of a little girl standing right next to the three women.  Unfortunately he did not submit the image to the hotel’s paranormal website as he said he would and as many do when they capture an apparition on a digital device.

Major Tom had a man and wife on a recent tour that had differing attitudes about the plausibility of the paranormal.  She believed in the phenomena; he did not.  The husband said nothing during the entire tour, giving off negative body language throughout.  This was about to change.

As part of the tours’ conclusion in the morgue the lights are turned off.  Guests, standing next to the autopsy table and the walk-in cooler that once stored cadavers and body parts during the cancer “curing” hospital days of the building, are encouraged to take digital photos to see if they could catch the image of an orb, the “energy essence of a ghost”.  While Major Tom’s back was turned, a frightful scream was heard and all witnessed the skeptic running out of the morgue.  The lights were quickly turned back on and the ashen gentleman was invited back into the room whereupon he meekly confessed he had seen an orb with his naked eye as it flew between his face and his camera.  Result: the non-believer had become a believer and his wife had a great story to tell friends and family once they got back home.

Willow also had a strange morgue experience.  Each guide carries an EMF (electromagnetic field) meter during the tour to detect any electrical emissions that might be given out by a nearby spirit.  Reacting to one lady saying she sensed that this one certain spot on the morgue’s floor was energy filled, Willow laid her meter down on that spot.  As the entire tour witnessed, the meter went crazy beeping and flashing.  To follow up, Willow asked, “If there is indeed a spirit in this room, please make the meter slow down.”  It slowed down immediately.  After moments of heartbeat-like pulses, the spirit was asked to speed the meter back up; it did for a few more moments then went dormant.

But perhaps the most macabre-lite morgue story happened during one of Marshal John Law’s spooky sojourns through the hotel.  At the very end of the tour, after the lights come up in the morgue, the guide usually asks if anyone would like to enter the morgue’s infamous walk-in cooler and have the door shut behind them leaving them in total darkness.  Only two brave souls stepped up, a mother with a video camera and her 12-year-old son with a look of cautious zeal on his face.  They stepped into the space that had housed hundreds of dead bodies and innumerable severed body parts during the hotel’s hospital days and the door was closed behind them.  After about thirty seconds the door was opened and the boy, looking ill, staggered out from the cooler with his mother saying, “Please, move.  My son is getting sick.”

The lad plopped into one of the two chairs always kept near the entrance of the morgue for just such occurrences since ever so often someone will feel faint or ill from their time spent in a room where time had ended for so many during the three years a charlatan killed rather than cured unsuspecting cancer patients.  Once the mother was assured her son was okay and with the whole tour group watching, she announced, “You have to see this!”  At which time she played the video she had captured in the closed, darkened cooler.

The video showed an occasional glint of colored light coming from a dot high over her son’s head illuminating his face just enough for brief recognition.  One such dot did not fade like the others but began swinging back and forth.  As this light did begin to fade, a larger, brighter, white light, “as bright as a camera flash”, appeared and continued to glow just above her son’s head.  It slowly descended and disappeared as if it were entering his head only to suddenly reappear seemingly escaping from the boy’s skull just a nanosecond before the door opened allowing the boy to make his quick and queasy exit.

“Something as bizarre as these stories does not happen every night on every tour,” Scales concluded, “but sometimes they do happen.  It is this unknown factor and these documented accounts that have made the ghost tours here in our mountaintop spa resort so popular.  That is why believers and non-believers alike can enjoy and co-exist on our tours.  Some come to find proof, some come to debunk, but all come to have fun.  And that’s what the Crescent Hotel ghost tours are all about.”

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GM’s mother reports on her haunted experience



(EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS) — There is a member of Historic Hotels of America that is considered by many to be “America’s Most Haunted Hotel”.  The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa is a mountaintop spa resort located here that credits the largest portion of its business to weddings and spa travel but just happens to have -it is said- “guests who check out but never leave”.  Regular guests to the hotel annually report numerous accounts of the paranormal.  Special guests do too.

“Several months ago my mom came down with three ladies for a ‘girlfriends’ getaway’ to Eureka Springs for spa treatments and to run over to Crystal Bridges (Museum of American Art) in nearby Bentonville,” explained Jack Moyer, vice president and general manager of the Crescent.  “I always like putting Mom up in a room that we have just refurbished or remodeled for two reasons… one, she’s my mom and I want to give her a room that is special; and two, I can use her to test it out and give me the unvarnished assessment of our changes.

“So this last visit I put her in a room that we had just redesigned, a room that is adjacent to Michael’s Room, one of our more reportedly paranormally active rooms.  This is Mom’s story that she reported as she was preparing to depart back to the mountains of east Tennessee:”

On my last visit to the Crescent Hotel, I was staying in the newly remodeled room that adjoined the most haunted room in the hotel (Michael’s Room, Room 218).  The first evening as I was watching TV while sitting up in bed, all of a sudden the entire bed started rocking as if I had put a quarter in the “Magic Fingers” coin-box (remember those in motels) and of course there was none on this bed.  It vibrated for about half a minute then all of a sudden stopped just as I was about to jump off the bed.

The next night, I checked the door to the balcony outside my room (that overlooks the Christ of the Ozarks) before going to bed, making sure that was locked.  On waking in the morning, the first thing I thought of was that the heat had shut off sometime during the night.  As I went down the two steps to the bathroom, I was thinking that the floor was extremely cold.  (It was still dark and I hadn’t turned on a light.)  All of a sudden, I realized that the door that I had locked the night before was OPEN (with the big Jesus statue staring at me) …and my laundry bag was moved from one side of the room to the other, plus some of my clothing had been pulled out of the bag and was lying on the step inside the room.  (I found out later that this clothes deal was one of the most common pranks of Crescent ghosts!)

During my entire visit, I had taken numerous pictures in my room and caught many “orbs” floating overhead.  These orbs are said to be the “energy essence” of the ghosts.  Perhaps “they” were my nightly “guests”, guests who indeed added some “lifetime memories” to those two nights at the Crescent Hotel.  I wasn’t spooked, just intrigued.

I must say, all in all it was a great visit …and certainly full of surprises.

Moyer concluded, “Mom still loves me and still loves the Crescent.  In fact she probably loves it a little bit more than she did before experiencing these events.  Before, she had only heard about our paranormal reports but now she was able to report one of her own.”

For more information on the paranormal aspect of the 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa, one should go to <>.  The web address for general information is <>.



Basin Park Hotel Ghost Investigation





Ice and snow prevented Larry Flaxman’s invaluable participation and kept a few ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) fans at home, but we had a marvelous group of guests and the nocturnal investigations of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin Park hotels were thoroughly enjoyable.


The Crescent obliged, as always, with indications of unseen presences, some great orb pictures and odd, inexplicable occurrences.  In January the plan had been to empty the Basin Park completely and explore the entire building while it was vacant – but then the ice came down and that plan had to be abandoned. By mid-February we had guests booked in already, but we were able to close down two floors and turn off hall lights. We started around 9 pm in the curious “cave” at the back of the Basin Park Hotel on street level – a high, wide aperture in the bluff against which the building is built. There were 20 guests and four Crescent Hotel tour guides. After explaining that, as none of us knew much about the Basin Park, we were all starting without preconceptions, we headed for the sixth floor.


We split into two groups. One party explored the Grand Ballroom, famous for the barefoot ball, the other the Lucky Seven Bar and Billiard Room, site of much illicit activity during Prohibition.  The orbs in the dark and cavernous Ballroom were brilliant and highly energized. In cameras we could see them performing aerial stunts, diving and swooping in the gloom – bright white, perfectly spherical and definitely not dust or insects.


Apart from spikes here and there on our EMF meters, the next major event took place in Room 519, which is known as one of the active spaces in the building. Several readers came up with the exactly the same finding – there seemed to be someone lying on the bed! We checked all around for sources of A/C current – there seemed to be no earthly reason for the off-the-chart readings down the center of the king bed in the center of the room.


On the third floor, room 313 showed a high rate of impulses, so we crowded in, closed the door, fell silent and then called to anyone who might be present. The impulses stopped, and try as we might, we could get no more response. Perhaps the entity did not like been in a tight space with so many strangers!


Throughout the rest of the investigation, slight phenomena occurred – someone felt cold on the back of their neck, apps produced words seemed uncannily apropos, spots where the meters responded seemed to move around, etc. No full body apparitions, nothing moved and no one poked or spoken to. We all wished we had more sophisticated equipment to follow up on what seemed to be strong indications. A little after midnight we called it a night.


So now we are looking forward to next January, when ESP weekend will be spread over two weekends – that way we should be able to keep the groups small enough to conduct serious explorations, our investigations will not be weather dependent and we will be bringing in more heavy-duty equipment.


So join us in 2015, to conduct a fully-equipped search, led by veteran paranormal investigators, of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin park hotels in historic Eureka Springs!


FOOTNOTE – to all who were this us on this escapade: if you have pictures or experiences to share of your night at the Basin park – and we know some of you have some great stuff – do please send what you have to Barbara Kennedy  at – we would love to post and archive all the evidence we gather very beginning!


Thanks, and we hope to see you all on the first weekend of  2015 – when ESP attendance will be capped at a reasonable number for serious investigation, and repeated the on the second weekend!


See you in the shadows – Keith Scales

For more information on ghost hunts and ghost tours, visit











































































Ghost Hunters Gather in Eureka Springs


At last count, there are currently 49 regularly scheduled television shows being broadcast each week across the country that deal with ghosts and/or the paranor1235963_766501886712789_1509974153_nmal.  As good as these shows may be, to the ghost devotee sitting at home and watching, this is passive, second-hand paranormal investigation at best.  However, the weekend of January 3-5, 2014, ghost hunting becomes active, first-hand and personal here at the historic 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa during the annual ESP Weekend.

ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend returns to the Crescent for the third consecutive year allowing those “everyday citizens” who have hunted or would love to hunt for ghosts and pursue those entities in a place they have seen often on television.  This year, the ESP event will again feature an expertly-guided, behind-the-scenes quest for evidence in “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” but will also include a one-of-a-kind investigation of its sister hotel, the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, a very “active” location with unique stories of its & bph

“With the inclusion of the Basin Park Hotel into our investigation, it will make ESP Weekend one of the largest ghost hunts in the country,” said Keith Scales, director of Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours.  “This huge, history-making, three-day, hands-on investigation puts the tools of a paranormal investigator into the hands of our participants but is only part of this much anticipated weekend.

“We are also including an introduction to ghost hunting and training at nearbyIntrigue Theater, an up-close look at the Crescent Hotel during a special ghost tour, and unprecedented 970377_644400075594942_660437743_n24-hour access to known highly-active spaces such as rooms 218, 419, 3500 and ‘the morgue’.”

One of the most popular aspects of the past two ESP weekends was the expert assistance and advice from renowned professional paranormal investigator Larry Flaxman.  This year Flaxman will be leading the ghost hunt in both the Crescent on Saturday night and the add-on Basin Park investigation on Sunday night.

“The Basin Park Hotel hunt should prove to be the most hair-raising ghost hunt Larry (Flaxman) has ever led,” added Scales.  “Hotel management is not allowing any overnight guests at the Basin Park on that Sunday night.  There will no guests, no staff, and no electricity.  The hotel will be closed, vacant and dark to generate the best possible setting for close encounters of the ghostly kind.”

The full ESP Weekend Experience includes a welcome reception, an Intrigue Theater production plus ghost hunter training, a ghost tour, a Crescent ghost hunt led by Flaxman, an “all access pass” for 24-hour unfettered access of the entire hotel, room accommodations for two nights, in-house food credits, gifts and more, plus the opportunity to add on the Stay-over Sunday which features the history-making “closed, vacant and dark” Sunday night exclusive ghost hunt and investigation of the 1905 Basin Park Hotel also led by Larry Flaxman.

For more information and reservations for the 2014 Eureka Springs’ Paranormal (ESP) Weekend, one may go to or check availability on packages here:

2 Night ESP Weekend Package, click here.

1 Night ESP Weekend Package, click here.


Intrigue Theater “Cuts a Ladiy in Half”

During October, Intrigue Theater “Cuts a Lady in Half – Civil War Style”haunted26x


With the calendar flipped over to October, people who visit this Ozark Mountain village have in their minds two things: fantastic fall colors and seeing something unique, unusual and unexplainable.  This October visitors will not be disappointed.

Of course there are the nightly ghost tours of the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa.  This year the interest in “America’s Most Haunted Hotel” should be even greater following their exposure several times on national television programs of the paranormal kind.  Those tours, which end in the hotel’s morgue, are nightly year-round; while this October, something weird is going on just down the street from this mountaintop spa resort.

There, in a church that was built in 1901, is the intimate performance venue known as Intrigue Theater.  The interior of the Gavioli Chapel has been retrofitted to accommodate guests anxious to1_imagejpeg952 see acts of mystery and illusion.  Being introduced during all of the October performances, Intrigue Theater’s renowned illusionist Sean-Paul will shock members of his audience by carrying out a revolutionary effect that was introduced to the world in the 1920s but with an added dimension of historic authenticity.  He explains:

“The Civil War was a time of hatred and cruelty; a time when brother fought brother; a time when our great nation was literally cut in half.  However, here in Eureka Springs there was compassion in the personage of Dr. Alvah Jackson, who would treat wounded soldiers from both the Union and Confederate armies in a makeshift hospital located in a cave near Basin Spring.  His medical knowledge coupled with the healing powers of the water taken from the nearby spring saved many a soldier who surely would have died without his care.  Unfortunately, many were saved only because of surgical amputations administered under the skilled hands of Dr. Jackson.

“It is this historical backdrop that will set the stage for our most ghastly illusion.”

For that illusion, Sean-Paul will recruit two volunteers from the audience – one to play the part of a union soldier, the other a confederate.  Juliane Fay of Intrigue Theater will lie down on a replicaIntrigue-Sawing-cropped-1024x764 of Dr. Alvah Jackson’s surgical amputation table.   The newly drafted, mock Confederate and Union Soldiers will strap her down to that table the same way they would a patient about to undergo an amputation.  Using Civil War swords and blades, Sean-Paul steps to the table and cuts Juliana Fay in half.   Then, symbolic of our once divided country, the two soldiers will pull the body apart into two separate pieces.

“Due to the intense nature of this illusion, we may only use this newly-added effect during this month’s performances,” concluded Sean-Paul.  “You may refer to it as our ‘October surprise’.”

For additional information, reservations and tickets, click on the following links: Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours Intrigue Theater, as well as  Eureka Springs’ Area Attractions.


Parallel Universes: Things Unknown

Who has not heard of the Crescent Hotel in magical Eureka Springs, Arkansas? Our nightly ghost tours provide an unforgettable experience – walking the restored-to-period corridors, recalling the residents of long ago, and lingering in the  Morgue/museum of glamorous charlatan Norman Baker. But there is more! The Crescent Hotel also offers other ways to investigate the Paranormal- including semi-annual themed conferences and live theatre with supernatural themes.

Our next major event will be:


A confluence of evidence, thoughts and theories on some of the enduring mysteries in the mind, on the planet and in the heavens.

August 23, 24,25 2013

Topics include:

DOWSING – Controversial, yet employed all over the world–Gladys Mcoy, Ozark Research Institute, will recount the history of dowsing around the world; give a personal demonstration; and lead a “hunt” on the grounds of the Crescent Hotel!

AUTOMATIC WRITING – for centuries there have been isolated individuals who, while asleep or in trance, would write down material that appears to come from somewhere other than their own minds – often elaborate philosophical and cosmological systems, sometimes beyond the comprehension of the writer. Where does this material originate?

SPONTANEOUS HUMAN COMBUSTION – Declared impossible – yet it keeps happening Larry Arnold, director of ParaScience International, author of ABLAZE! will explore several bizarre cases and propose various explanations for discussion.

PSI POTENTIAL – Do you have hidden abilities? Are you capable of remote viewing? ESP? Larry Flaxman, founder and president of Arkansas Paranormal and Anomalous Studies Team, will administer a series of scientifically governed tests.

In House Investigations

THE DOGON – How did the Dogon, a tribe in Mali West Africa,  come to possess knowledge of astronomical phenomena invisible to the naked eye? The ancient legends tell of travelers who came to earth from the Sirius star system.Things Unknown - Marbles Blast - Page 1 copy

CROP CIRCLES – Man made? Messages from space? Both? The jury is still out! Thomas Stacks will present the latest circles, theories and controversies.

BIZARREKANSAS: An exporation of the stranger side of the Natural state! Performers ED and Karen Underwood; authors of “Forgotten Tales of Arkansas.”

LIVE THEATER: Not Really A Door-a one hour roller-coaster, keep ’em guessing supernatural, comedy thriller & Flickering Tales-authentic Ozark ghost stories told around a fire-pit, ending with a trip to Norman Baker’s notorious morgue.  Plus the Ghost Tours!

These and other fascinating unexplained mysteries will be examined in detail by experts and discussed by conference participants – you!

Join us at our mountaintop Gothic chateau in the Ozark forest for a weekend of exploration into the unknown, among like-minded friends. We are pleased to offer generous discounts rates to our colleagues in curiosity.

2 Night Conference Package

2 nights in a Premium Room, Breakfast for 2, All Events Pass, 2 Tickets to Not Really A Door, and 2 Tickets to the Ghost Tour.

$439 plus tax.  Valid Friday & Saturday, 8/23 & 8/24.

Check Availability.


Day Passes Available: Friday $75, Saturday $100, 3-Day $125  Check Availability, click here.

Call for passes 877-342-9766


For any questions, email:

Visit Americas Most Haunted Hotel
75 Prospect Ave.

Eureka Springs, AR 72632 877-342-9766

ESP Weekend 2013 Schedule

Eureka Springs Paranormal Conference

1886 Crescent Hotel-“America’s Most Haunted Hotel”

January 4-6, 2013


JULIANA FAY and her partner Sean-Paul, both longtime students of intuitive thought, mathematics, and memory, currently produce and star in Intrigue Theater in Eureka Springs

Psychics LISA DAWN, SHAKEENA KEDEM, and MARGO ELLIOTT all live and practice in Eureka Springs.


Renowned psychic investigator and physicist, author of several books and founder of ARPAST, Larry resides in Little Rock. His birthday is Sun Jan 6th.

Closing thoughts: MAHA VAJRA, teacher, author, composer and founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association, comes to us from Toronto.

Special presentation: SHIVAGAM will be sharing some extraordinary EVP!

Conference coordinator KEITH SCALES, actor, director and writer, manages the ghost tours at the Crescent hotel.



12.00 –

Lobby Registration



Bakers Lounge


Silent film era GHOST MOVIES

5.00 pm – 6. 30 Conservatory WELCOME RECEPTION

Meet staff and other participants. .

7.00, 7.30

(to 9.00)

Meets Faculty Lounge on 4th Floor, ends in Morgue *GHOST TOURS: Introduction to Eureka Springs, the Crescent Hotel and our ghosts.
6.30-7.00 Conservatory JULIANE FAY: Remote Viewing: experiments in telepathy conducted by the US military
7.15- 8.00 Conservatory Psychics LISA DAWN, SHAKEENAH KEDEM and MARGO ELLIOTT: Experience
8.00-8.30 Conservatory SHIVAGAM: The Psychology of the ghost.
8.45-10.00 Conservatory LARRY FLAXMAN

Midnight Baker Lounge TOAST THE GHOSTS!
12.30 – 3.00 am Hallways, active rooms 502, 419, 3500, 218; and Baker’s Morgue. Search for ghostly activity, led by LARRY FLAXMAN,
3.00 am Lobby REFRESHMENTS: Chocolate and cookies. REPORT on findings
3.00-7.00 Morgue PYSCHOMANTUEM – sign up early! 20 min sessions
3.00 – 7.00 Hallways and active rooms FREE ROAM – consideration of sleeping guests appreciated.

Events marked with * are not included in one-day packages

Events marked with ** are free to the public

SATURDAY January 5

8.00-9.30 Crystal Dining Room Breakfast, announcements
10 am – Conservatory TECHNOPHILIA: reccos, demos and caveats Compare your latest P.I. gear!
11.00 – to 4.00 Off site *NARRATED VAN TOURS of historic Eureka Springs.  Sign up in the lobby.
Sat pm Casual dining in Bakers Lounge 4th flr LUNCH ON OWN
1.00  –


Room 419


Sign up in lobby



For napping or exploring Eureka Springs!
6.00,6.30, 7.00, 8.30 *GHOST TOURS

Reserve at Front Desk

Crystal Dining Room,

Bakers Lounge, local restaurants

6.00 –


8.00 – 10.00 Gavioli Hall

80 Mountain St on Historic Loop (¾ mile)

*Excursion to INTRIGUE THEATRE for an evening of magic and mystery with illusionist Sean-Paul and medium Juliane Fay.
All Sat night Ghost rooms and hallways; morgue till 3.00 am FREE ROAM
3.00am -7.00 Morgue PYSCHOMANTUEM – sign up early! 20 min sessions


8.00 – 9.30 am Dining Room BREAKFAST ON OWN – great brunch in the Crystal Dining Room!
9.30-10.15 Faculty lounge FLASHDRIVE FRENZY: reports on findings
10.30 –11.30


12.00 Check out


Off site – separate admission. Please sign up in the lobby. *NARRATED VAN TOURS of historic Eureka Springs.

**Free to the public

BUY Seminar  Passes HERE.



January 25-27, 2013


A three-day conference/retreat for readers and writers of fantasy and horror.

(In collaboration with the Eureka Springs Writers Colony)

August 23-25, 2013


where science meets the supernatural

A three-day gathering of experts in the fields of psychic phenomena and the hard sciences, in search of reliable evidence!

ESP Weekend


(EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS) — With the burning interest in paranormal activity being fueled by such television shows as the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” and the Biography Channel’s “My Ghost Story” not many ghost devotees get the opportunity to investigate just like those professionals on television do. But now they can during the weekend of January 4-6, 2013, here in what many say is “America’s most haunted hotel”.
ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) Weekend will once again be held in the famous -and some would say infamous- 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa. This mountaintop spa resort is one of the most popular spots in Mid-America for weddings, romantic getaways and family vacations. However this five-story, limestone property has become the talk of the paranormal world ever since TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) caught on video, using a thermal imaging camera, a full-bodied apparition in the “morgue” of the hotel.
“It was wonderful that such evidence could be gathered by such a credible source as TAPS,” said hotel marketing director Bill Ott. “The TAPS investigators referred to this startling evidence as ‘the holy grail of ghost hunting’. But the evidence uncovered by our amateur ghost hunters during ESP Weekend is just as believably unbelievable.”
This year, in addition to ESP Weekend patrons having full access to the Crescent for their investigations, a full slate of other paranormal related activities have been planned including presentations by Larry Flaxman, renowned paranormal investigator and founder of ARPAST (Arkansas Paranormal & Anomalous Studies Team). Other guest speakers and presenters include medium Juliane Fay, psychic Lisa Dawn, plus a special appearance by Maha Vajra, Founder of the Quantum Buddhist Association.
“Larry (Flaxman) will be leading systematic search for ghostly activity, explained Keith Scales, director of ghost tours at the Crescent, “while Maja (Vajra) will be explaining communication in the paranormal world and exorcism. And these two events are just the tip of the ESP Weekend iceberg.”
Other planned discussion topics and events during the three day weekend include remote viewing where one performs the act of perceiving a person, object or event that
is located distantly in time and space; technophilia where participants will discuss, demonstrate and compare the latest paranormal investigation gear; experiments in telepathy; a Crescent Hotel Ghost Tour; a special theatrical presentation of “Not Really A Door: Back From The Dead With Baggage”; an excursion to the Intrigue Theater for an evening of magic and illusion; and of course the “free roam” where amateur ghost hunters are allowed to investigate -on their own- “America’s most haunted hotel” including reveal sessions.
“Each year our ESP Weekend grows both in number of attendees and scheduled events,” added Scales, “and this year’s weekend keeps that tradition well. With the quality of paranormal professionals and scheduled topics, our 2013 ESP Weekend will truly be our best yet.”
For more information regarding the Eureka Springs’ ESP Weekend, special overnight packages, and registration information, one may go to <> or call 800-342-9766.

October is packed with events!

October brings beautiful fall foliage through the Ozarks and fun events in Eureka Springs!

October Events!

Haunted Hay Rides- Every night in October at Bear Mountain Cabins and Riding Stables.  Wagons will leave the stables beginning at dark and will make trips every hour and 15 minutes.  Reservations required: 479-253-6185.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for children under 10.  

Nightly Ghost Tours at America’s Most Haunted Hotel-The Crescent Hotel and Downtown at the Basin Park Hotels.

Late Night Theatre-Not Really A Door”- Crescent Hotel Friday & Saturday night at 10:30pm.  877-342-9766

October 4th- Houdini Straight Jacket Escape.  Crescent Hotel- East Lawn at Noon.  Free to the public

October 5th & 7th-Corvette Weekend.

October 19th, 20th, 26th & 27th –Voices From the Silent City Cemetery Tour. 1hr and 15 min tours.  Tours will be from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children. Parking at the old Victoria Inn on Highway 62 east. Shuttles will take visitors from the parking area to the cemetery and back. Purchase tickets at the Museum, Chamber, Cornerstone banks or at the parking area each night.

October 20th-Locked Sealed Milk Can Escape. In Basin Spring Park at 7pm.  Free to the public.

October 26th-Mad Hatter’s Ball at Crescent Hotel. Benefiting Eureka Springs School of the Arts.  6pm-10pm, $50 per person.  Purchase tickets by calling: 253-5384.

October 27th-HOWL-O-WEEN Party at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.  Only time you can view the cats at night! Games, Food, and a children’s costume contest.  7pm-9pm $15 adults, $10 children under the age of 12.

October 28th-November 3rd- Ozark Folk Festival. Queen’s contest 10/28 at 7pm in the Auditorium.  10/31 at 7:30pm in the Barefoot Ballroom The Carper Family in a “Hillbilly Halloween” blow out of a dance and party with costume contests and all sorts of frivolity. Tickets are $10 advance and $15 at the door.

October 31st-Houdini Séance.  At the Crescent Hotel Crystal Ballroom.  10pm, purchase tickets at

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October 31st-Dance of the Dead. City Auditorium 8pm-11pm open to the public.  Costume Contests.  $5 entry fee and a can of food.

November 1st-Zombie Variety Show and Outdoor Movie Bring a lawnchair or blanket, and enjoy a special zombie-themed variety show followed by some old fashioned black-and-white blood and guts on the big screen at Sacred Earth Gallery and Southwind Stage.

November 2nd-Eureka Springs Day of the Dead Parade and Zombie Crawl The First Annual!  A creeping parade procession of funeral hearses, doomsday vehicles, and post-mortem street performers will lead the hungry horde of the undead. Watch the parade from Spring St. in Downtown Eureka Springs.

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Room 428

My wife and I stayed last night at the Crescent in room 428. After dinner and watching some tv we went to bed. Early in the morning before it was light outside, we were both startled awake by the tv. Something or someone had turned the tv on and the volume was all the way up! We had to search for the remote which was on the far side of the nightstand out of our reach. We hadn’t come to stay in search of ghosts, in fact I can’t say that I’ve ever totally believed in ghosts, but this was really spooky. We just wanted to share our story with you, it was an experience we will never forget!