Basin Park Hotel Spirit Experience

Basin Park Hotel Spirit Experience
Eureka Springs, AR

Prior to attending a conference in nearby Rogers, Arkansas, in 2013, several colleagues from Louisiana and I decided to meet up with other colleagues from Arkansas for a weekend at the Basin Park Hotel in Eureka Springs.  This is an account of my personal experience with a spirit resident of the Basin Park Hotel.

Upon arrival, I tossed my luggage into the hotel room and hit the streets.  A few hours later, I stopped by my room to put some powder in my shoes.  I distinctly remembered the powder being the last thing I packed before leaving Baton Rouge.  However, the powder was nowhere to be found, so I left for more sightseeing.  Later, when I returned to the hotel, the powder was sitting on top of my luggage.

The following morning I struck out on foot again to get in a little shopping before our departure the next morning.  I purchased a simple but interestingly designed sterling silver ring from Magee’s jewelry shop up the hill and around the corner from the hotel.  That evening, I removed the ring from my finger and placed it on the nightstand along with my watch, glasses and loose change, then went to sleep.  The next morning the ring was nowhere to be found.  After searching everywhere around the bed and sifting through the luggage items I gave up, raised my arms into the air and said aloud, “When you finish playing with the ring, please return it to me.”  Somehow I had a feeling it was a female spirit; a child.

Two weeks later, while sweeping along the baseboards of my home I made a strong sweep with the broom and set the broom back down in the same path as we do when sweeping.  As soon as I set the broom down, the ring appeared immediately in front of it exactly midway of the width of the broom.  Had the ring been there the moment before, it would have shot across the room like a hockey puck.  I picked up the ring, put it on my finger, and said aloud “Thanks for returning my ring. Stay and visit if you like.”

My spirit guest stayed for 3 weeks and would make him/herself known midweek around midnight by knocking four distinct times, exactly like knocking on a door.  The first time I heard it, I thought someone was at my front door.  I got up from bed to check only to learn no one was there.  The next week I tried to locate the knock inside the house but could not pinpoint it.  The third week I had a houseguest.  We were watching TV when the knocking occurred.  When I did not move to get up, he remarked that someone was at the door.  I explained that no one was at the door, it was a spirit traveler visiting from Arkansas.

Leon Steele
Baton Rouge, LA

Intrigue Theater is BACK!

Come experience the mystery of Intrigue Theater

for its 4th Season in Eureka Springs!


Opening Night Kicks off on Thursday, May 15th 2014

Travel back to an AGE OF INTRIGUE with
The Illusionist and the Medium.

Experience an evening of Mystery and Intrigue with Sean-Paul the Illusionist and Juliane Fay the Medium – featuring special guests from the other side.  The evening begins as guests enter century year old building that only seats 75 people.  Everything in this throw back production is based on Real Historical entertainment that is still so effective that it can bring even today’s most cynical audiences to the edge of their seats!

View 2014 Schedule & Purchase Tickets-Click HERE

Besides adding New Mysteries to the Intrigue Experience, Intrigue Theater is offering a special show:safe_image
Exclusive Evenings “Up Close & Incredible” 
This Exclusive experience is limited to 16 people, seated around the table
for 1 hour as Sean-Paul the Illusionist entertains them with Close-up slight of Hand and Mentalism.

View Schedule-Click Here

Joe David Rice Caps Semester Long Hospitality Speaker Series

Joined by Superintendant Kellogg, Principal Lavendar, and Instructor Sherry Sullivan, Arkansas Tourism Director Joe David Rice was welcomed to Eureka Springs Schools to deliver one of the final guest 10270575_10152391135858921_8586588118204687941_nlectures for  Eureka’s newest business class.  A partnership of the Arkansas Hospitality Association and brought to Eureka Springs by Lavendar, the class entitled The Business Of Hospitality is a collaboration of Career Education Instructor Sherry Sullivan and Basin Park Hotel Manager Jack Moyer.  The class has featured 25 guest speakers from across Arkansas with group’s gaining feedback to be included in a semester project that entails writing a business plan that follows standards.

“We felt Joe David Rice was the perfect speaker to summarize all that we have learned throughout the semester” stated Moyer.  “I think he was impressed with our students, their questions and mostly their interest and understanding of the industry.”  Semester Speakers in the hospitality series have included Mike Bishop, Mike Maloney and Jacqueline Wolven representing their respective organizations as well as industry professionals such as Britt Evans,  Ruth Hager, Kathy Pickowitz, Randy Wolfinbarger, Kent Butler, Tanya Smith, David Mitchell, Jill Rohrbach, Gina Drennon, Bill Ott,  Jodie English, Amanda Haley, Leslie Stilwell, Kelly Way, Tanner Montgomery and Teri Gage with the National Parks Service.

One Speaker, Eureka Inn’s Jed Bullock added “Best Westerns of Arkansas Co-op is an original and long standing partner of the Arkansas Hospitality Associations lodging management program.  We 10153661_10152391149658921_2390276927574800739_nunderstand the need and value of investing in our industry through education of our youth and creating awareness of opportunities that the Hospitaltiy industry offers.  As Best Westerns of Arkansas has contributed over $50,000 to the LMP program, you can understand I am proud that this program has been established in Eureka Springs Schools.”

The hospitality program continues with semester projects through five work groups, visits from the Arkansas Hospitality Association and a field trip to learn about the hospitality industry in our neighboring communities of Bentonville, Rogers and Fayetteville.


Biker Vacation to Eureka Springs

This time of year here in the “hills-n-hollers” of The Ozarks you can hear the breeze whispering through the trees, the sweet lilt of native songbirds, the chattering of scurrying squirrels and off in the distance you can hear the iconic gentle rumbling of motorcycles as they travel to and from this Victorian village.  What you don’t hear are the “Wow!”s that resonate in the minds of each and every biker as LeanIntoEurekaSprings_300_7x5he or she leans into yet another thrilling curve, staples of the highways that surround Eureka Springs.

“Eureka Springs has been so blessed with a topography that seems as though it was designed just for motorcyclists,” said Bill Ott, former board chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce.  “What some might call our twisty, curvy highways are like tracks of a rollercoaster to those who venture out on two or three wheels.  Our neck of the Arkansas Ozarks is a biker’s dream come true.”

One of the most popular motorcycle rides in the country is a stretch of Highway 23 that has gained the designation of Scenic Byway.  Its natural beauty and grand vistas that run along its shoulder makes it a pretty drive.  Its hairpin S-curves and numerous steep switchbacks makes “The Pig Trail” (aptly named due to its resemblance of the corkscrew tail of a native razorback hog) a pretty thrilling ride.Hwy_7_Harrison_motorcycles_l

Sitting atop The Pig Trail is Eureka Springs,” explained Ott.  “That is why local residents have mapped out five great rides that start and end in a place known for its hospitality and for taking care of weary travelers.  They even secured a website to make it easy for bikers to discover these rides for an exhilarating multi-day biker destination getaway.  That way it’s ride by day, relax by night in a resort community with great places where bikers can put down their kickstands and then kick back.”

The website,, has put together a list of local lodging, dining, and attraction venues.  Ozark mountain resources, an events calendar and a chance for bikers to add their comments to a blog following their experiential excursion to the greater Eureka Springs area can also be found at this online site.  This is in addition to the well-mapped, and well-appointed five suggested mountain rides.

“Those five rides take you to or by some really awesome places,” Ott added.  “The first ride takes you into the Arkansas Grand Canyon and past the grazing elk near Boxley’s Lost Valley.  Ride ar126696298160718two takes you on The Pig Trail through Ozone and back through Withrow State Park.  Number three centers around water, taking riders over the Little Golden Gate Bridge and the dam that forms the popular Beaver Lake with the trout-filled White River just below.  The fourth ride is a sojourn to the Buffalo National River and across the famous Pruitt Bridge.  Ride number five travels north for about 10 miles into Missouri and its Roaring River State Park as well as Dogwood Canyon.  Each ride is both ‘outa sight’ and full of sights to see!”

Ott concluded, “As much as we want our friends on motorcycles to visit our area and have fun while they are here, we want even more for them to ride safely.  In fact, we want all of our visitors -no matter how many wheels they have under ‘em when they arrive here- when they return home to take with them nothing but lifetime memories that they can share again and again with family and friends.”


Eureka Springs Weddings- JULY Special

HOT DATES for Weddings in July.

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Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt


Jack V. Moyer Honored for Accomplishments in Hospitality

Mr. Moyer has guided Crescent Hotel & Spa to prosperity

EUREKA SPRINGS, ARKANSAS, January 18, 2014, Jack Moyer, Vice President, General Manager of 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, press_release_201427025818PMleadership and excellence in hospitality.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa provides hospitality services, including spa, dining and resort services. And Mr. Moyer has helped to key that success through his 17 years of experience and his expertise in brand positioning and following consumer patterns. Additionally, he is a co-owner of Historica Consulting and previously owned and managed the Harrison’s historic hotel, the 1929 Hotel Seville, an ASCEND Collection Hotel by Choice Hotels in Harrison, Ark.

His duties are running Eureka Springs’ two premier historic hotels, The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa and The 1905 Basin Park Hotel, which entails handling all marketing and finance and overseeing business operations and community development. Mr. Moyer was responsible for the multimillion dollar refurbishing and redevelopment of all three of his historic hotels. He also administered the concept, approval and construction of the Cottages at Crescent Park and was a consultant on the restoration of the Lake Lure Inn in Lake Lure, N.C.

Mr. Moyer was named Hotelier of the Year when he was presented the AHA’s coveted Golden Key Award. “It has been my policy, one embraced by all three of my hotels, to boil it all down to a simple creed that proves successful,” Mr. Moyer says. “By creating lifetime memories, building the individual, being community minded and focusing on protecting the irreplaceable, we have developed cohesive teams at my properties that are helping me help them accomplish our corporate goals. I think this award accredits this creed.” He also attributes his success to understanding interpersonal relationships in a field that’s compatible with personality drive and interests. He has also been recognized as one of Northwest Arkansas’ 40 leaders under 40 and recently inducted into Worldwide Branding.

In five years, Mr. Moyer plans to protect the irreplaceable, sustain and grow businesses, help one or two businesses a year that may be struggling with sustainability, formulate a business plan, work with the University of Arkansas and mentor a program. He is pleased to help others in areas of historic hotel management, community development and market positioning with an Internet strategy.

Prior to receiving the Golden Key Award, Mr. Moyer had hospitality industry involvement, which included receiving an associate degree from Paul Smith’s College and Bachelor of Science from The Pennsylvania State University, and holding chairmanship of the advisory committee to the University of Arkansas’ School of Hospitality and Restaurant Management. He also held chairmanships on the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce (2006, 2000), Eureka Springs Tourism Cooperative, Eureka Springs Downtown Network, Northwest Arkansas Tourism Association and Eureka Springs Community Development Partnership, and memberships on the Historic Hotels of America Board of Advisors and the Mayor’s Tourism Task Force of Eureka Springs. He also re-launched the Holiday Promotion Committee and supports Main Street Programs as a mentor.

He became involved in his profession because it was a good fit for him personality wise. He started in the restaurant side, then went to school to study it.

A native of Elmira, New York, he is the son of Paul and Kay Moyer of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee. He is married to Rachael, with whom he has two daughters, Jordan, age 17, and Anna Marie, age 19. Mr. Moyer also has three step-daughters, Courtney, Autumn and Vivian. His hobbies are related to his profession : Collecting memorabilia, following the hotel industry and interest in historical factors.

For more information, visit

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- See more at:

Basin Park Hotel Ghost Investigation





Ice and snow prevented Larry Flaxman’s invaluable participation and kept a few ESP (Eureka Springs Paranormal) fans at home, but we had a marvelous group of guests and the nocturnal investigations of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin Park hotels were thoroughly enjoyable.


The Crescent obliged, as always, with indications of unseen presences, some great orb pictures and odd, inexplicable occurrences.  In January the plan had been to empty the Basin Park completely and explore the entire building while it was vacant – but then the ice came down and that plan had to be abandoned. By mid-February we had guests booked in already, but we were able to close down two floors and turn off hall lights. We started around 9 pm in the curious “cave” at the back of the Basin Park Hotel on street level – a high, wide aperture in the bluff against which the building is built. There were 20 guests and four Crescent Hotel tour guides. After explaining that, as none of us knew much about the Basin Park, we were all starting without preconceptions, we headed for the sixth floor.


We split into two groups. One party explored the Grand Ballroom, famous for the barefoot ball, the other the Lucky Seven Bar and Billiard Room, site of much illicit activity during Prohibition.  The orbs in the dark and cavernous Ballroom were brilliant and highly energized. In cameras we could see them performing aerial stunts, diving and swooping in the gloom – bright white, perfectly spherical and definitely not dust or insects.


Apart from spikes here and there on our EMF meters, the next major event took place in Room 519, which is known as one of the active spaces in the building. Several readers came up with the exactly the same finding – there seemed to be someone lying on the bed! We checked all around for sources of A/C current – there seemed to be no earthly reason for the off-the-chart readings down the center of the king bed in the center of the room.


On the third floor, room 313 showed a high rate of impulses, so we crowded in, closed the door, fell silent and then called to anyone who might be present. The impulses stopped, and try as we might, we could get no more response. Perhaps the entity did not like been in a tight space with so many strangers!


Throughout the rest of the investigation, slight phenomena occurred – someone felt cold on the back of their neck, apps produced words seemed uncannily apropos, spots where the meters responded seemed to move around, etc. No full body apparitions, nothing moved and no one poked or spoken to. We all wished we had more sophisticated equipment to follow up on what seemed to be strong indications. A little after midnight we called it a night.


So now we are looking forward to next January, when ESP weekend will be spread over two weekends – that way we should be able to keep the groups small enough to conduct serious explorations, our investigations will not be weather dependent and we will be bringing in more heavy-duty equipment.


So join us in 2015, to conduct a fully-equipped search, led by veteran paranormal investigators, of the 1886 Crescent and 1905 Basin park hotels in historic Eureka Springs!


FOOTNOTE – to all who were this us on this escapade: if you have pictures or experiences to share of your night at the Basin park – and we know some of you have some great stuff – do please send what you have to Barbara Kennedy  at – we would love to post and archive all the evidence we gather very beginning!


Thanks, and we hope to see you all on the first weekend of  2015 – when ESP attendance will be capped at a reasonable number for serious investigation, and repeated the on the second weekend!


See you in the shadows – Keith Scales

For more information on ghost hunts and ghost tours, visit











































































Spring Break Trip Ideas

Warm Up To The Best Spring Break You Ever “Thaw”


Just when you thought the Winter Warlock would never leave town, he has.  Defrosted and ready to welcome students, families and couples ready for Spring Break is probably the most popular destination in the Arkansas Ozarks, Eureka Springs.  Not only is flora beginning to blossom but area attractions are opening up as well.

“We anticipate this to be our biggest Spring Break in decades,” stated Bill Ott. past chairman of the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce.  “Folks in our market area have been held hostage in their  eureka springs multiple 2-smallhomes much too much this winter by cold, snow and ice.  Cabin fever is at epidemic level and Eureka Springs has the cure.”

“A huge portion of our fever-reducing Rx is the list of area attractions that reopen just in time for these marvelous weeks in March,” Ott explained.  “Everything from ghosts to big cats, from downtown tours to uptown illusions and everything in between will keep “spring breakers” well entertained while being just steps away from Mother Nature’s reawakened living room.”

A partial list of Eureka Springs attractions that will be open during Spring Break 2014 include Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours, Eureka Ghost Tours at Basin Park Hotel, Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, “Hell Raisers, Hoodlums & A Heated History” Walking Tour, Eureka Springs Downtown-N-Underground Tour, Intrigue Theater, and Pig Trail Kart N Golf.  A complete list of open attractions is available by calling the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce at 800-638-7352.

“Those ‘big kids’ who really want to unwind during their spring break visit here, will visit one of the many spas that dot the hillsides of this Photo by Purdy Art Co.stair-step town,” Ott continued.  “And when optimum relaxation is reached, interest turns to food.  For that, Eureka Springs boasts one of the greatest selections of quality restaurants in the state.”

Unfortunately, some in Arkansas and the surrounding states have had their spring breaks cut a day or two short this year because of make-up snow days.  This means many families will be looking for an exciting destination closer to home so valuable “break” time will not be lost to hours of driving.  Plus, “spring breakers” have said that Eureka Springs is a compact enough community that even a few days can be filled with a week full of activities.

“Our research shows that one of the most popular activities during Spring Break is simply exploring this historic, distinctive destination,” noted Ott.  “Just a few feet off of a busy downtown street will put EDITED cook family explore copyyou on a forested trail that will take you to hidden treasures of a town that time forgot.  Best of all, parents feel safe enough here to allow their older kids a chance to explore on their own when accompanied by a cell phone.”

With the compact spring break season, travelers to Eureka Springs are urged to make their lodging reservations far in advance.  Some attractions, spas and restaurants require advance reservations as well.

Ott encourages those with a Spring Break to celebrate, “Put away your snow boots and down parkas and slip on your walking shoes and windbreakers.  Let this recent frozen winter be a sad memory easily erased by the happy lifetime memories that can be accumulated this year in Eureka Springs.  It’ll be the best spring break you ever ‘thaw’.”

National Park Radio to Play OzMoMu

Many people have turned a radio on; no big news.  But, on Saturday night at 10 o’clock in the Barefoot Ballroom of the 1905 Basin Park Hotel, located here in the historic downtown entertainment district, a NPR1“Radio” will be turning on hundreds of music enthusiasts with its modern folk sound.  The highly-popular National Park Radio band from Harrison AR is just one of 11 nouveau groups entertaining the enlivened throngs during the Ozark Mountain Music Festival -or OzMoMu for short- the weekend of January 24-26, 2014.

National Park Radio, with their roots firmly planted in the hills of the Arkansas Ozarks, is an all-acoustic troupe that offers an audience well-written original songs and beautiful vocals.  Putting those sounds together are Stefan Szabo (vocals, guitar, banjo); Kip Kibling (bass, vocals); Isaac Szabo (banjo, guitar); Jamie Stevens (guitar, vocals); and Micah Szabo (percussion, vocals).

“What is so dynamic about National Park Radio,” noted Jack Moyer, overall event coordinator, “is that all of their music is inspired by the beauty of their surrounding native landscape, as well as their joys and trials of life and love; truly lyrical poetry.  An example of this melodic melding is their current hit, ‘The Great Divide’.”

Other groups poised to take the two performance stages during OzMoMu are 3 Penny Acre, Wink, Honky Suckle, Handmade Moments, Hogscalders, Pearl Brick, Tyrannosaurus Chicken, SX Rex, Ben Miller Band, and Ron Landis & Chuck.  The last six will be performing on Saturday with the first show starting at 12 noon.  A full schedule of bands and performance times can be found online at

Moyer explained that the event is quickly nearing capacity with tickets going fast, “We have had such an overwhelming response to this, our first OzMoMu, that two-night lodging-festival packages have nearly filled up the Basin Park Hotel so we are now offering Friday night only package.  We are also extending the lodging-festival packages to our sister hotel, the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa, including a special Saturday night only package.  We understand that some folks want to come to the festival but can only come for just one night and we are being sensitive to that.”

For lodging availability, one should call 800-643-4972 or go online to